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In a world where practically everyone has either a DVR, On Demand, or can stream on the internet, watching television live isn't as common as it was 5 years ago. And I think as a whole we have come to accept that. The day after a show airs, we ask our friends or co-workers if they saw the episode before talking about the show (except for Sons of Anarchy fans who have to live tweet/update Facebook and ruin it for everyone). And that's the way it should be. If you can't respect that... well you're a piece of shit. 


The reason that I bring this up is USA Hockey made it's Olympic debut this morning, and I couldn't watch it because of work. Now, I know that sports is typically something we consider spoiler free. You either watch it live or you don't watch it at all. So I took all the precautions. I listened to podcasts on my way to and from work. I avoided social media. And the most important thing.... I made sure to text and email everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that I thought I might run into/hear from during the day explaining my situation. Asking them to not even MENTION the game to me. 


Did people respect my wishes? Of course not!!!! Most did, but there are always those couple of assholes who can't resist being the guy who shits in the apple pie. Sure, they didn't straight up say who won the game, but they might as well have. "All I'm going to say, it's not much of a game" or "Don't worry, you will know who is going to win quick". Or my favorite "Man, I really like our chances this year!". Really? Is it that hard to not bring up the game? Guess what? The US was playing Slovakia!!! Meaning the US was heavily favored. So when you say stupid shit like that, it makes it obvious the United States wins by blow out. 


So next time someone tells you they haven't watched something, take the hint. They don't need your opinion. Just shut up and don't be a piece of shit. 



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Thursday, February 13, 2014  

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