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YAPS... Ken Gurnick

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I just found out who you are, but you and people like you drive me nuts.



A little background on Ken Gurnick (if I had to look up who this schmuck is, then I’m of course gonna fill you in some): Doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. So why does this guy matter? This guy is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America. This guy gets to vote who gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame votes will be revealed tomorrow afternoon. This guy voted for one person this year. This guy omitted Greg Maddux. What? Are you shitting me. Ok, well maybe he has a valid reason. Maybe Maddux was an asshole to his kid or something….. searching….. nope. So why not vote for a man with 355 career wins, 3,371 career strikeouts, 18(!) Gold Glove awards, 4 Cy Young Awards, an 8x All-Star, and World Series Champ? Because he played in the Steroid Era. What? Listen pal, I don’t know if you actually watched Maddux pitch, but the guy rarely broke 90 MPH on the gun. So if anything, the fact that he was able to pitch, and pitch well, during the “steroid era” is an added bonus. But whatever, you’re an asshole and are getting your 15 minutes of glory, but who did you put on your ballot? Jack Morris, and….. no one else? Jack Morris? Oh right, he’s a Hall of Famer, but not Greg Maddux. Morris has been on the ballot 15 times. I’m sorry, but if you don’t get in within 5 tries, then you aren’t a Hall of Fame player. Hall of Fame players are people that should be no doubt in the HoF. If you have to think about it, then they shouldn’t be there. But I’m getting off track. This jackass is just one of many who probably loved baseball in the 90’s when it was fun to watch guys hit mammoth home runs. Now that it’s “cheating” they are self righteous assholes. Go away. You’re the guy that makes everything politically correct. You’re the guy that’s all about fun when it’s cool, and stabs it in the back when it’s a new trend. The world needs less Ken Gurnicks. #NotBS



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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