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I know I am not alone on this one but I really am starting to wonder if I am even in the minority at this point. However I do know I am in the minority in saying that I hate group texts so much that if I need to send a text to a bunch of people I will copy and paste it to each individual person. I understand it’s easier for the person sending the text but why is there really no option to eliminate them from my life?

I used to be a bit of a tech nerd, but now that I am an adult I simply don’t have time, so maybe there is a way to eliminate them altogether but as far as I can tell I can just eliminate the fact that all responses from different people show up on my phone as separate texts. But I feel like there should be a waiver I should have to okay when someone sends me a group text. Like for instance the past few years I had been in a golf league. This year, due to getting another job I can’t be a part of the league. The guy that runs it knows it, but we are buds so he gives me the “courtesy” text. However, it is part of this mass text to thirty other dudes. While he thinks he is just being nice and inviting me he is indirectly causing my blood pressure to rise to the point where I just want to rip everyones throat out, as my phone vibrates non stop with nonsense “I’ll be there” or “I can’t make it this week” texts from random people’s numbers that I don’t have in my phone.

Have you ever been in the middle of multiple group texts at the same time? One day I had a group text from the golf league and one with two other guys talking to each other but thankfully, each and every one of their texts went through me like I was some sort of divorce court or Human Resources guy. It’s just the worst thing ever. We shouldn’t have to block random numbers to avoid this bullshit. Hey phone companies… when someone sends you a group text it should come with an option to accept or decline whether or not to sign up for a battery killing voyage that will shave a few years off your life. Imagine if people could just request that 9,000 people just have access to your laptop’s camera at the same time albeit at a time in your day when you are jerking off. You don’t know it’s coming but suddenly bam people are staring at you rubbing one out. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense. Maybe the man is watching me masturbate but why should I care about that? If I thought 30 dudes could randomly tune into me jerking off without my knowing, it would cut my masturbating sessions down to like twice a day.

I understand these things have a purpose but they shouldn’t be forced. I feel like I am being raped every time I get one of these things. You wouldn’t want to advocate rape would you Apple?



Sunday, July 6, 2014

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