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WildCard Weekend Picks

Unbelievable. The season is over already and unless you are a degenerate gambler, like us, there's only 11 legit games left this season. The 2013 playoffs should be a wild ride though, so let's check out he Wilcard Weekend matchups.

Houston -4.5 vs Cincinnati 4:30pm NBC

mlz - Houston
Lock Alert! Everybody is so low on the Texans now. They're forgetting they were 11-1. Sure they have stumbled a bit but the last two weeks can count for that much more than the first 14 weeks. On top of that the Bengals had their starters in for most of week 17 vs Baltimore and despite Baltimore taking their starters out real early they couldn't build any type of lead. I know they had nothing to play for but that has to make you nervous.      

ap3 - Houston



Houston has gone from AFC favorite to the ultimate "nobody believes in us" team. The Texans will face a stout Bengals defense that can get after Matt Schaub and play pretty good pass defense. The Bengals biggest flaw is their lack of discipline. Look for Houston to jump in front early on the back of Arian Foster and run all over the Bengals. Andy Dalton will put up garbage time numbers with A.J. Green, but the Cincinnati run game will be nonexistent. 27-13 Houston.


Green Bay -8 vs Minnesota 8pm NBC    

mlz: Minnesota
Green Bay should roll since they have the best Minnesota can offer on tape from last week but, Adrian Peterson is so good. I wrote a while back Brady should win MVP but the more I think about it the more I feel Peterson deserves it. He got them to the playoffs and they have a matchup I think they could win. Green Bays coaching and offensive line are so beyond bad that anything can happen.  Expect a one score game at the very least.

ap3: Green Bay


Lock Alert! The Packers made a lot of mental mistakes last week in Minnesota during a game the Vikings were desperate to win. Christian Ponder gets to play his first playoff game vs a pissed off Aaron Rodgers. Packers win this going away 31-10.

Baltimore -7 vs Indianapolis 1pm CBS 

mlz: Indianapolis
Upset Alert! Seven points?! Has everyone forgotten about Tebows first round magic last year?  This Colts team has some magic surrounding them and they have at least one more win in them.   

ap3: Baltimore





This is one of the tougher games to pick all season. On one hand, you have the Baltimore Ravens; a team that has struggled most of the season, but it has now come out that this will be the final run for emotional leader Ray Lewis and possibly Ed Reed (free agent after this season), playing at home, where they have dominated. On the other hand you have the young stud number one overall pick Andrew Luck, and a young core of Colts coming off a huge win vs division rival Houston. The Colts also will be running high on ChuckStrong with potential coaches of the year. However, the Colts struggled to beat the lowly Chiefs two weeks ago. In the end, I'm taking the experienced home team with the best player in franchise history playing in his last season. Ravens 24-16.


Seattle -3 @ Washington 4:30pm Fox      

mlz: Seattle

Probably the most fun of the four this weekend. Two mobile rookie quarterbacks will square off. One has a fantastic defense the other has home field. Seattle isn't quite the same team on the road as they are at home and they definitely wish they drew Dallas but all those injuries have to catch up to the Redskins at some point.    

ap3: Seattle





This game would have been MUCH more difficult to pick if RG3 was 100% healthy. With his limited mobility and the Seahawks hard hitting defense, I like Pete Carroll's crew. The Seattle offense should be able to score against an up and down Redskins defense, who has relied mainly on defensive line pressure. Too much power up front from Seattle and Marshawn Lynch. I will say this though, THE WINNER OF THIS GAME WILL REPRESENT THE NFC IN THE SUPER BOWL. Seattle 24-20. 

Upset Record

mlz 2-6 (1-2 lw)
ap3 1-6 (1-0 lw)

Lock's Record

mlz 16-25
(0-1 lw)
ap3 12-14-1 (0-0 lw)

Overall Record

mlz 127-122-7 (9-7 Last week)

ap3 122-127-7 (8-8 This week)

Friday, January 4, 2013

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