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2013 Golf Preview

There used to be a time when people would ask if you thought Dwight Howard smiled too much. Now I can't remember the last time I saw him smiling.

Remember this...

What happened to that Dwight? What happened to the Dwight that won our hearts over and gave us hope that we might have a once in a lifetime player budding before our eyes? Instead he still is missing that fire only now he's also lost his joyous attitude.

I understand he's hurt right now so his game isn't going to be great, but his stats are way down this year. He's down three points per game and three rebounds from last year. His free throw percentage is down below 50% again this year.  He's clearly not very mentally strong.

Here's him when he interviewed himself as Clark Kent.

Now here is a recent interview.

His body language is completely different now. It's like he is horribly depressed or something. I'm not sure I can figure out what the hell has happened to him over the last few years. He used to be best buds with Jameer Nelson, then seemed to stop being buds with him, could be something there, or maybe it was the Finals, or the Nets, or the Olympics, or the Heat, or maybe it's something at home. It could be 1,000 things. 

I think Dwight needs to take a look at himself and figure out how he can get back to being happy. Because back when he was happy he made the leap. He went from averaging about 17-12 a game in 06-07 to 20-14 per in 07-08. However while I was thrilled to see Howard make the first leap, he failed to make the second. Dwight should be one of the greatest players of all time. Instead of the second leap, he took a step backwards. He's become a baby. He's not playing his ass off, when he filled out as a man and really became the behemoth that he is, he stopped trying his hardest. He has been physically gifted enough to be able to go out and rattle off 20 points and 14 boards a night while just sort of coasting along. He could have been a new aged Russell. But he failed to make that leap and now I think the consensus of people just want him to go away.

Kobe seems to think he is trying to please everyone, and that's his problem. I think there's some truth in that. People hated playing against MJ sort of like how they hate playing against Chris Paul, or Kevin Garnett. They're so good they are a pain in the ass. But everyone is going to remember those two as all time greats. We will eventually forget about Dwight Howard.

So here are the options Dwight. Either you can mope around and everyone will eventually hate you, if they don't already. You can go back to being the clown and have people laughing, but ultimately be disappointed with your career. Or you can work your ass off, both on and off the court. With and without your teammates. You become a better player a better teammate and go win a couple of championships. You still have the physical ability to dominate this league, and we all still secretly want to see it.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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