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Upon Further Review... NHL 13

In a new segment we are going to start reviewing things from clothes, to video games, to cars, to comedy, anything goes. Some might help you decide to buy or not buy something, others might just make you laugh. If you enjoy it please let us know, if not I will be listening to any and all suggestions. Lets get to it.

We will kick this first installment off by reviewing the newest NHL video game. EA's NHL franchise has long been the leader of hockey games and perhaps all sports games in general. Every year they churn out A+ material that seems to get better.

But this year is different. This year with NHL you can see the writing on the walls that has been crystal clear for a few years in their other projects. They are getting lazy. They need to shake things up and start firing people over there. NHL13 IS NHL12 with some updated rosters and a new online franchise mode to keep up with the other games doing the same thing.

This year, the new mode, "GM Connected", is the only thing I play on the game really. AP3 and I have started our own league but there are several things that make it fall below par for the series.

First, there is no option to draft your own team. Either you pick a current team or you have the computers randomize teams. They used the excuse, well we didn't want you to have to make 50 draft picks before you are able to play so we cut it out. That would be logical if there haven't been sports games that you can simulate at any point during the draft to the end for the past ten years.

Then you start getting into your franchise, you start playing the game play is fine (no better or worse than years past). The ability to play defense is still nonexistent so they still just make the goalies all near perfect tens. They still have not quite figured out the AI, or the right controls to make it realistic. Speaking of realism, as much fun as it is to break the glass, I feel like Pavel Datsyuk has never put on a big enough check to do it once never mind three times in our young season.

Then you start looking into all the different options in your GM Connected, only to find out there is literally no way to look at your schedule. You can not look back to your past results and you can not look forward to who you have coming up. The only games you know of are the ones currently on your slate. Not to mention its incredibly slow and the computer changes your lineups constantly.

In closing let it be known I enjoy this game, quite a bit. But if there were other options out there I would explore them. As of now there aren't so this is the one hockey game worth buying. If you liked the ones from years past you will enjoy this version but they need to get their shit together and start actually trying. Stop shitting down the back of your customers shirts and actually put some thought into your games EA.

Rating: 7.5/10

Thursday, March 14, 2013




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