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Underrated... Country Music 


In the past few years we have all been melted down by music created for six year old girls and I can’t take it anymore. Adults are supposed to have some sort of taste. They are supposed to be smarter than their own kids. I think I blame Shrek. That movie made it okay for adults to like kids stuff and now the adults have gone overboard by falling in love with Katy Perry’s nonsense. Today’s country music isn’t necessarily the greatest of its kind but it is the only genre of music we will remember as being good from this era. The rest is computerized and can be created by the same six year old girls that it is targeted towards.


While I will happily blame all the idiot adults putting up with this shit music, Clear Channel plays a huge role in our lives being ruined by it. Since they own basically every radio station they can control what is being pumped through your speakers. There is a reason why terrestrial radio has been starting to die off the last few years. Can anyone explain to me why all the “variety” stations never play country music? It’s that way up here in the Boston area anyway. If you are providing us with “variety” then why do I have to tune in to a specific station to hear the country genre? The music industry is in such poor shape that you need to seek out specific stations just to hear actual instruments being played or lyrics that actually matter and carry some sort of emotion.

I can’t wait for the day when everyone pulls their heads out of their own asses and makes fun of this shit we have had forced down our throats. The only downside of that day is when everyone claims they never liked it to begin with.

I could spend all day bitching about the music industry in 2013 so I’ll cut myself off before this goes off the rails. Here I have a list of some of my favorite country jams on the radio…


Luke Bryan - Drink a Beer

Perfect country title and perfect country execution. This beautiful song is about the moments after finding out you just lost a close friend. Luke Bryan sings with some emotion all the while actual instruments are being played underneath the lyrics.


Lee Brice - Parking Lot Party

This is more of an anthem than a great country jam but regardless it’s fun as hell. Would you rather listen to a song about having a great time tailgating or a song about Katy Perry roaring while killing a ton of time with nonsense oh oh oh oh oh oh’s? Which one do you think we will remember more fondly?


Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

What a great tune. I love how well this was written. The chorus is just great…

Baby you a song

You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

Down a back road blowin stop signs through the middle

Of every little farm town with you

In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit

Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it

So baby you a song

You make me wanna roll my windows and cruise


Darius Rucker - Radio

Given the state of the radio in 2013 this song is almost a little bit sad but regardless I love this tune. Why aren’t there more black guys in country music? It’s the only genre left with any soul in it. I feel like we should have more brothers in country music by now. Either way Hootie is killing it and this is just another example of just that. I feel like most people can relate to being a young kid and just needing a radio to keep you occupied. Hell I’m not a kid anymore and that’s what gets me through work every day.


Mine Would Be You

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s just the definition of a jam. It’s right up there with Look Around by Blues Traveler and Round Here by the Counting Crows. Of course it’s about falling in love, something just about all of us can relate too. But everything about this jam is beautiful. The pace is perfect and the writing is just phenomenal. I love how he changes the chorus at the end of the tune and I love how perfectly it fits. I challenge anyone to find me a song that came out this year that’s better soup to nuts. Don’t waste your time, there isn’t one out there. I could listen to this all day long.

Sure you could argue that most of the songs are a bit simple and sappy. But at least they carry some meaning. They aren’t just songs created on a computer in mommas basement. Maybe there are too many jams about beer, chicks and trucks but they are written based off of the artists actual life experiences. Why should songs about beer, chicks and trucks have to take a backseat to shit like this…


Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop

Give me a second, I’m doubled over, I can’t stop laughing. In fact that’s what she should have called it “We Can’t Stop Laughing”. This actually made it to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, no seriously go look it up. Here I’ll give you the link and you can check it yourself.

I don’t know what my favorite part of this song is. It could be how it opens perfectly with the auto tuned nonsense voice just saying “It’s our party and we can do what we want” over and over again. Or if it’s the fact that we are allowing our six year old daughters to hear the first verse…

Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere

Hands in the air like we don’t care

Cause we came to have so much fun now

Got somebody here might get some now

Great work parents…

To my homegirls with the big butts

Shaking it like we at a strip club

Remember only God can judge us

Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya

And everyone in line at the bathroom

Trying to get a line in the bathroom

We all so turnt up yea

Getting turnt up yea yea

#2 on the Hot 100 chart… She rhymes “bathroom” with “bathroom”, talks about doing coke, and uses the excuse of “only God can judge us” to make her actions seem reasonable. If you listened to the first few songs and then Miley’s “song” and don’t agree with me that country music is underrated then you obviously don’t have a soul.

Now I need to cleanse my palette from that dogshit sandwich…


Lady Antebellum - Compass

Notice the difference in messages between the last two songs. While Miley thinks only God can judge her, Lady Antebellum says use your heart as your compass. You would think the country bang would be beating the god drum but nope, because that would make them insane.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

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