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Upon Further Review... WTF Happened This Week 

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So both MLZ and I are from the Boston area if you can’t tell already. However we try to keep our posts more nationally focused, every once in a while we have to address something locally. Well this is one of those occasions. What a shitty week to be a Boston sports fan….


Our week as Boston Sports Fans:


Bruins choke away game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and lose to Chicago on their home ice.


Celtics head coach of 9 years quits on a rebuilding project to join the Clippers for a shot at a quick title.


Patriots (now former Patriots) tight end Aaron Hernandez gets arrested and charged with murder.

Red Sox 9-0 pitcher Clay Buchholz has a set-back during his rehab and may have an extended disabled list stint.


Hernandez is now under investigation for a murder that took place last July.

Celtics Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are now rumored and by the time this goes up may be traded to the Brooklyn Nets for Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, some Euro, and some draft picks.



What the fuck just happened? I mean I know we kind of deserve it because as Bostonians we have been on top of the sports world since 2002, but come on. This is worse than being a Cleveland fan. There is no way that shit like this should happen all in the same week. I’m also convinced the Red Sox aren’t done yet. I suspect by Friday that Ortiz will be busted for steroids and that Mumbles Menino will kick the bucket. Not a good week. Oh and to make things worse, MLZ turned a quarter of a century last Friday… old fuck. Have a good weekend everyone.



Thursday, June 27, 2013 

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