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UFR... The Fight: Lights Out

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I just got my hands on this and it is far better than I thought it could be.

Recently I was noticing the PS Move controllers collecting dust lately and decided I needed to give it another chance and get a fighting game. Turns out this is the only frigen one (how the hell is that possible? This game is three years old.) Despite reading rather poor reviews, I pulled the trigger on it.

This game is great on two levels. First, for the video game people it’s really fun. The Move actually works far better than I thought it would. It’s really accurate and honestly much better than I could have dreamed of. The in game features are fun like the different training sessions and the pyramid style for the fights and the unlockables seem like it will allow for quite a lot of total game play.

Secondly, for people who have an interest in finding a way to have fun while adding a bit more exercise to their day. Sure you could just shadow box while listening to tunes but how many times have you done that lately? None like me. Doing push-ups daily is not even a realistic idea. But now you can play a legit video game while working up a sweat. It’s not that easy either it’s difficult. If you can’t throw a punch you will need to learn how. It’s not like those Wii games you just quick jerk here or there, you have to punch and punch repeatedly.

Luckily it’s only $12 on Amazon and make sure you click through the banner at the top of the page to get it for yourself.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

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