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TWIM 2/12/13

Interesting week this week. We have a new Die Hard flick and with Valentines Day on Thursday, obviously a chick flick, with plenty of other fun movies.

New This Week

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A Good Day to Die Hard

Your classic Valentines Day movie. What the hell are they thinking releasing a dudes movie on a chicks day. Are you guys banking on the nerds needing something to do on the 14th? I know the first one might be the best Christmas movie there is but a fucked out action movie for Valentines Day? I hope the studio is prepared to bomb this weekend.

Safe Haven

Here's a Valentines Day movie. Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel star in this chick flick that looks like its going to suck. I can appreciate a good chick flick and maybe this one turns out to be alright, but why didn't the studios actually put something good together since there will be plenty of couples out looking for a movie to watch. They aren't going to see Die Hard they might have to see this by default. A better option? Staying home ordering delivery and having some wine while watching something on Netflix or on demand.


Escape From Planet Earth

Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Ricky Gervais, Jessica Alba, Paul Scheer, Sofia Vergara and Sarah Jessica Parker make up this star studded cast for this animated joint. Corddry is funny 100% of the time so he'll be worth watching but with a February release date this movie probably won't be on anyone's year end best lists but it could be pretty solid.

Upon Further Review

The Hunger Games

I still think this movies really overrated but I rewatched it the other day and a couple things really stood out. First off if I'm going to take this game seriously then you need to stop changing the rules and killing people on your own... that's the kids job. And the second thing for the guy in charge. Why is it in these weird alternate reality/futuristic movies we see the craziest facial hair ever? Let me explain something. We are speeding up as a society. Look at how many more drive-thrus and how many more ATM's, especially drive thru-ATM's there are now compared to just 10 years ago. So I'm supposed to believe that in the future we have slowed down so much that guys like this douche have three hours every morning to line up their wave beard? 6/10

The League Season 3

I just got caught up on season three...ya I'm a little behind. I thought it might be a little dated but all the lockout jokes and everything still landed. It might be the best season yet. 8/10

House of Cards

I've only watched the first episode so far but I'm in. I heard a lot of it takes a few episodes to get going but I love Kevin Spacey after one episode I'm already in for the rest of the season. INC

Moonrise Kingdom

If you break down the name you can really figure out what this movie is about. It's really weird, but it's really good. Everything Bill Murray makes is great, same with Bruce Willis, but neither are main characters. Two rather dark kids run away together. I won't spoil it since a lot of people still haven't seen it, but watch it, absolutely it's worth a watch. 8/10

Stealing Harvard
Scream 2
Tremors 2
Everything Must Go

This is a list of films I rattled off during the blizzard. While staying up all night shoveling I needed something to keep me awake. Luckily Netflix offers all of these Oscar winners on instant. Actually other than Stealing Harvard I would recommend all of them. Unless your in the mood from that guy Earl from the My Name is Earl show and Tom Green. It sucks but it was great when I was losing my mind the other night.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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