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This Week In Media 7/9/13 

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Hopefully everyone had a good 4th of July, after a strange series of days on and off from work, it finally seems like I am back in the groove. This week features another Adam Sandler money-grab, vacation movie.... Oh joy.


In Theaters



Grown Ups 2

Pacific Rim


Seems to be the Summer of remakes and sequels huh? I guess Sandler must be running low on cash again since he pumped out another vacation with his buddies movie. The burning question here is 'What did Sandler do to Rob Schneider that he feels so bad that he keeps giving him roles?' Like did Sandler bang his wife or something? There is absolutely no reason why Rob Schneider has a job. Meanwhile didn't Battleship come out last Summer? At best it's a cross between Transformers and Battleship.


OnDemand/Queue Boosters



Hatfields and McCoys

The Newsroom

Ok so don't laugh, but Whodunnit? is exactly like the old movie and books Clue. It's a reality TV show in which contestants try to solve "murders" in order to win $250,000. Sure it's stupid, but it's a good stupid that makes you think.


Hatfields and McCoys can be found on Netflix streaming. It's the story of the feud between two families in the mid-1800s fighting on the border of West Virginia and Kentucky. It was written by Kevin Costner and he also stars in it as Anse Hatfield. I highly recommend this show.

I think I posted at least 4 times about The Newsroom last year. Guess what's back for season 2? My expectations couldn't be higher for any show (except for maybe Lost). Season 2 starts Sunday at 10 on HBO.




NCAA Football 14

Why is this game coming out today? The season doesn't start for 2 months. Just when I got into a groove with NHL 13 and was ready to start playing MLB The Show, EA Sports drops this bomb on us. The game looks great and I am 100% going to buy it, but I can't shell out the dough this early in the game.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013 

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