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TWIM 6/4/13

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I love June. The weather is beautiful and we get good new movies every week. This week the hot ticket is to The Internship. Not to mention a few good musicians have albums coming out.

New This Week

In Theatres

The Internship

I can’t believe Wedding Crashers came out eight years ago. Regardless if this is a bit of a silly idea with zero chance of being as good as what it will be immediately compared to, Wedding Crashers obviously, I am excited for this one. As with The Hangover 2 I liked it because I tried to not look at it as a sequel but as a stand alone movie. This isn’t technically a sequel but let’s be honest that is how it will be reviewed. I stand by The Hangover 2 even now. If you saw the sequel before you saw the first you would have thought it was much better. So that’s how I plan on watching this one. I expect a pretty dumb plot with some great comedic improv by Vince Vaughn which will make it worth it.

The Purge

This isn’t getting very good reviews but it there may be reason to watch it. It’s about a reality in which there is some sort of twelve hour window in which committing a crime is not illegal. Obviously that’s a bit ridiculous but it may be worth watching when it comes out on Netflix. By the way the guy who made the Paranormal series produced this so it does have a chance.

Speaking of Paranormal that’s another series in which you could watch them in any order but whichever is the one you watched first will go down as your favorite.



Barenaked Ladies - Grinning Streak

Not enough hits for the talent they have. I always feel like at some point I should listen to more of them.


Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five Live

Speaking of talent, Ben Folds is oozing with it.


Gretchen Wilson - Under The Covers

I know I have heard plenty of her songs before but I couldn’t name any off the top of my head right now. But I do know she sang Picture on Kid Rock’s Live Trucker and she can sing.

Megadeth - Super Collider

If you’re into that...


Queens of the Stone Age - …Like Clockwork

I never got into them but I know plenty of people who like them. Maybe the biggest hype of the new albums this week.


Queue Boosters

Sleepwalk With Me - Netflix

End Of Watch - Netflix


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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