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TWIM 5/14/13


The summer blockbuster season continues as Star Trek: Into Darkness hits theaters this week. We have also reached the series finale of one of the greatest shows of my lifetime. I hate thinking about it. 

On to TWIM…






Star Trek: Into Darkness

I was a big fan of the first new Star Trek movie that came out a few years ago. This one seems to be a winner too.



The Office Series Finale

The show was one of the best shows of my lifetime and after 9 years it’s over. More on this later in the week. (P.S. I’ve watched this YouTube clip at least 25 times.)

OnDemand/Queue Booster


Premium Rush (Starz)

Hit & Run (Netflix)


I actually wrote about these two movies in theaters during earlier editions of TWIM. Sadly I have yet to see either of them, but I do have the intention to watch.

First Look


Brooklyn Ninety-nine

With a slow week in TWIM, FOX announced that this Andy Samberg-led, cop comedy will be airing on Tuesday nights this Fall. This is an extremely difficult spot to fill as everyone knows that Tuesday night TV sucks.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013 


Later this week from ap3:


UFR: Survivor: Fans vs Favorites 2

Last One to Leave Lock the Door: Saying Goodbye to The Office


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