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This Week In Media 3/11/14 

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Thank god I have plenty to recommend this week, because it’s like a week in January this week. Garbage week for new stuff, but I’ve been hitting Netflix and Comcast On-Demand pretty hard lately, so please read on.




In Theaters



Need for Speed

Finally this fucking movie is being released. No, I’m not excited to see it I am excited for the fucking ads to end. This movie is being advertised everywhere, I don’t remember a movie with a marketing run this long and in your face. Thankfully it should all come to a close in a couple weeks after it everyone realizes, oh this video game movie is a piece of shit.




Veronica Mars

Jeez, what an awful movie week this is. If it weren’t warm out today, in the Boston area, I would think it was still January. I just read that this used to be TV show filled the void left by Buffy, so yah good luck with this one.




311 - Stereolithic

I probably won’t like or listen to much or any of this album, I just liked that they released it on 3/11. Oh and Aloe Blacc dropped an album today, so yah the music world is booming.

Since I’ve Last Written




Dallas Buyers Club

Great movie. Matthew McConaughey was just fantastic. I didn’t know much about it, I just went in thinking it’s a movie about gay dudes and people with AIDS. I assumed MM was gay and then bang first scene he is nailing two chicks at a rodeo and my head spun a bit. Also a bit shocking that early is how much weight he actually lost. You hear about all the weight he lost, but until you see it it doesn’t really hit you, especially knowing that the camera makes you look heavier. I highly recommend this film, it was nominated for best picture for a reason, it didn’t just get a nod because of it’s potentially touchy subject. That being said there is one scene that drove me f’n nuts. MM walks into Jennifer Gardner’s office hoping to get her to write him prescriptions, he opens the door and it appears to shut with the pneumatic closer. Now this is a scene where it cuts from over her shoulder looking at him and the door to over his shoulder looking at her. So he walks in the door appears to close and they cut to looking at her. Then when they cut back to looking at him the door appears to be open about 12”, okay that’s fine… then back to looking at her. When they go back to looking at him the door is wide ass open until they cut to her and then back to him where it is only open about 6” before he walks out. What gives professional movie makers? How do you make a film nominated for best picture at the Oscars and not catch this?





I want to call this a great racing movie, but it wasn’t really that. The worst part about this movie was the racing. There were a few fraudulent parts in the story, but the racing was all CGI’d. Usually the story sucks away from the racing scenes but this movie was the exact opposite. Everytime they were on track I sort of grimaced. There were also some graphic scenes I could have done without, but all in all it felt like a great movie to me, even though the one thing I expected to see was good race scenes.


In A World

This was a good movie even though it was a little over the top with the chick guilt. In a sense this is a women’s rights type of movie but it had some good substance. The cast was fantastic. Of note, Rob Corddry wasn’t in it enough and Demetri Martin was good. Demetri wasn’t particularly funny but actually good at acting in this. It would appear that writer, director, and lead actress Lake Bell is quite the talent.


Walking Dead

Okay assholes, we have all had enough of this spread out drag it out nonsense. We get it everyone is going to meet up at this new city or whatever it is and there may be some alliance issues, whoop de freakin do. You aren’t Lost or Breaking Bad, enough dragging this shit out, get to the point.


True Detective

One hell of a season of television. Just when we all thought nothing could ever fill that Breaking Bad void. That hammer throw sticking in Woody’s chest was stuck out to me but other than that just fantastic. I’m just glad neither of them actually died. Here’s to hoping for a season two with MM and Woody back at it.


Tuesday, March 11 2014

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