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This Week In Media 2/4/14 

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Well after a mediocre January, February starts with a bang with a few big movies, and the loss of one of the best.



In Theaters



The Monuments Men


The Lego Movie

Watch From Home



Dallas Buyers Club


Escape Plan


Free Birds



The Walking Dead (Returns Sunday)




The Wolf of Wall Street

Cons: It’s long. Very long. 180 minutes long.

Pros: Leonardo DiCaprio is phenomenal (what else is new). He’s currently listed at 7-1 to win the Oscar for best actor for TWOWS (has no chance at winning because of Matthew McConaughey in DBC). Did I mention the movie is long? Well it doesn’t feel that way because the movie is always moving. Whether it’s blowing coke out of a stripper’s ass, or punching a gay butler, having a drugged out, slow motion fight, or something that doesn’t involve sex or fighting and just some good old fashioned swearing, The Wolf of Wall Street is a fast paced fun movie that I’m sure males will appreciate more than females. Co-stars don’t really have major roles for the most part, but when McConaughey and Jonah Hill do make appearances, they are well worth it. It’s still in theaters, but it’s worth buying when the opportunity knocks.





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Phillip Seymour Hoffman


Look I’m sure you have all read everything about PSH in the last 48-72 hours, so I just want to make my statement. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was one of the best actors of all time, and was never fully appreciated for the job he did.

Of all of his roles my favorite was him as Sandy in Along Came Polly. Clearly not an Oscar-caliber movie, but he made this movie fun. I leave you with its best scenes…



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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