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This Week In Media 2/25/14 

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What an incredibly weak week for this. There’s an album that I anticipate being good to great, that is dropping and one movie I figure will be fun, but we shall make due since I’ve watched plenty of shit lately.


New This Week

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I won’t lie, thank god you’re not lying Matthew, I am excited to see this movie. Liam Neeson should say “Get these motherfucking terrorists off of this mother fucking plane”. This is that type of movie. It should be fun.

PS. There’s also some Jesus movie coming out, but I figured I would spare you my rant on how the bible is just a book, aka the equivalent of Harry Potter, only even people back in the day got sick of the same story after so many pages.




Dierks Bentley - Riser

Personally this guy is 60/40 to me at this point. 60% of me really likes him, 40% of me thinks he might not be that good. This song 5150 is really terrible, but the previous song I Hold On, is really good. It is the type of good where it has been over played big time on the radio, yet it hasn’t gotten old. As good as Just Chillin It is and as fun as Sunny and 75 was, the radio needs to chill it with both of them. But I am in with this Dierks Bentley album. It has potential at the very least. It seems like it is worth listening to before judging.

Since I’ve Last Written




Adam Carolla Show

Of course I love this podcast but I just felt like mentioning how awesome Jo Koy and The Deaf Frat Guy are as guests. They both kill it every single time they are on the pod. It has lead me to believe that Jo Koy may be one of the most underrated comedians out there. Bill Burr is obviously number one simply because he is clearly the best on the planet and he doesn’t get credit for that (I will say Louis CK is the only one up there with him. You could argue Louis and I couldn’t disagree, but Burr doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he is always incredible. Regardless, both of these guys are underrated comedians).




I went on an Aziz roll lately and all of them are spectacular. He starts with Intimate Moments, then Dangerously Delicious, and Buried Alive, all of which are on instant Netflix. All three of these are easy to view and are all hilarious. The Netflix making of Buried Alive, might be my favorite even though it’s too tough to call. Aziz has a moment of crowd work that is completely improv’d that is just fabulous. Just watch it on Netflix and you’ll see what I am talking about.


Ron White - A Little Unprofessional

Just fantastic and on Netflix instant. He shouldn't be considered a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, because he is not one of those comedians. Ron White is a legit comedian. He isn’t hacky, he is flat out funny and this special flat out proves it.




In A World

This is a solid movie I got on bluray from Netflix and a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. While there is a bit of the chick version of black guilt buried in its soul, it is a good movie with a fun cast. It is certainly worth watching, and I would definitely put on in the background while I fall asleep or do something else.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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