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TWIM 2/19/13

Well February is just about over, which means a few things; One Spring is on the way, meaning NASCAR, Baseball, and the start of blockbuster movie season. But until then, we are stuck in February at least a new season of Survivor has started... Let's Go.

In Theaters:

Dark Skies

All I can think about when I see this movie preview is the old Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. If this movie is anything close to that, then no one will want to walk the streets at all.




Is there anyone streakier than The Rock? No I refuse to call him Dwayne Johnson, once a member of the WWE, always a member. You're The Rock, cut the shit. Anyway, The Gameplan, The Toothfairy, Race to Witch Mountain. Now G.I. Joe, Snitch, Fast and Furious. The man is all about streaks. Anyway there is less than zero percent chance that I see this movie before it's on FX (so roughly 2.5 years).



On DVD/Blu-Ray:




Nominated for Best Picture this year (more on the OSCARS later this week) The movie is a 10. It's based on a true story and Ben Affleck got screwed out of best director. Argofuckyourself.




One of those weird exorcism movies. I'm sure you'll love it if you're into that kind of crap.



Queue Boosters:

Broke (ESPN Documentary)



We try as best we can to not promote the four letter network, but this is a great documentary about what happens to professional athletes that don't know what to do with all their money.




Video Games


Playstation 4

For those that don't know the Playstation 4 is to be announced tomorrow at some kind of Sony event.


These are the rumored new features:

Built in PS Move

Touch Screen Controller

Loudspeaker Built Into Controller

Smartphone Remote Control


Another big rumor that was just broke today is that players may be able to watch their friends play games. Even if they don't own that game. This is big news for sports video game players that are in some sort of online league/season.


Rumored Price: Around $400

Rumored Release Date: Christmas 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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