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This Week In Media 2/11/14 

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Valentine’s Day is this Friday and you know what that means... nonsense chick flicks and naturally a new RoboCop movie that everyone was begging for?

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RoboCop (Feb 12)

Is everyone excited for a new aged PG-13 Robocop movie? Yah, I didn't think so. I can't decide what's worse the majority of the cast or the way that suit looks. At least this movie provided us with this Sam Jack interview...



Who doesn’t know who Samuel L Jackson is and why would anyone get him confused with Laurence Fishburne? I do feel kind of bad for that guy because he looks like an idiot and probably never saw the Laurence Fishburne commercial. I’m sure it was some chick or gay dude behind the scenes that gave him some bad info and now he looks like an idiot because of it. Either way what happened to doing your homework?




Winter's Tale 


Endless Love 


About Last Night

At least the production companies have the excuse of it being Valentines Day when they release these mounds of shit. Far too many dudes are going to get sucked into seeing one of these resulting in them making far more money than any of them deserve.





Eric Church - The Outsiders

This kid is turning into a pretty good artist. When he first made it big with "Drink In My Hand" I thought for sure I was listening to the next one hit wonder but I've heard a couple songs off this album already and I've liked what I've heard. It's not necessarily great but if you're into country check it out.

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The Walking Dead

I watched the new episode from Sunday and what a little cunt Carl is. I understand where his characters anger may stem from especially given all that he has been through in his young life, but there’s a line and I felt like he crossed it before the new episode, now I’m just rooting for them to kill him off.




True Detective

While the new Walking Dead episode was just alright I’m sure it didn’t help that I watched the new True Detective first. What an amazing episode this was. Some good shit went down and now it’s actually possible to try and figure out where it is going. Did McConaughey get arrested or get the boot from his job? Is he in witness protection? I still have no idea but at least it’s possible after Sunday’s episode, which was the best piece of television I’ve seen since Breaking Bad ended.  



Fruitvale Station

Normally I complain about these white guilt movies, but it didn’t feel like there was too much of that until the very end. The acting from Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer was superb. This is a good but not great film that I really enjoyed. However, I could have done without the marathon of “Bruh”. I can’t figure out why “bro” and “bru” haven’t gone away yet, it’s so f’n annoying and obnoxious. What happened to the good old days of saying “brother”. That at least sounded good while “bro” and “bruh” makes you sound like an obnoxious asshole.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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