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TWIM 1/29/13

Pretty weak week for new media this week, good thing I watched plenty of movies these past two weeks plus some queue boosters to hold you over until next week.

New This Week

Stand Up Guys

Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin star as a group of aging con men. Also Bill Burr makes an appearance in the flick. It's not going to win any awards but it could be one of if not the most fun movie of the year.

Bullet to the Head

Sylvester Stallone is back. Just expect more of the same.

Upon Further Review

Safety Not Guaranteed

There were things about this movie I really liked and things I really hated. I was very against the lovey dovey part of the film. It just felt really forced to me. The rest of the movie was really good with some good laughs and good acting. I will say that I was really disappointed that the boat didn't have to get up to 88mph though. But ultimately I enjoyed watching this and would recommend that everyone see it.

Searching for Sugarman

I haven't seen all the Oscar nominated documentaries this year yet, but I can't imagine I'll need to. Great film that was really well done and felt like more of a movie than a doc. Anyone and everyone should see this flick and know who the great musician Rodriguez is. Think of a Spanish guy with Bob Dylan's writing skills. He blew up halfway across the world without knowing only to live in run down Detroit as a mostly broke construction worker.


I'm not really sure what to think of this movie. Before I saw it I figured eh crap movie worth seeing eventually. Then I heard some people say it was their favorite movie of the year. So I bumped it to the top of my Netflix queue watched it and felt really disappointed. I feel as though if I went in thinking crap movie I would have liked it a bit. But I just found it rather hacky and mostly dumb. For instance they have that scene in which past and future Bruce Willis order the same exact breakfast, steak and eggs. We get it its the same guy, but what guy orders the same thing every time he goes out to eat? Sure maybe he's a huge steak and eggs can and they just happened to order it together, but no it felt planned and it clearly was a hacky scene.

There was another part that really stood out to me. Towards the end the kid turns into a demon or Jesus or something and starts going ape shit with his mind. Upon seeing her child do this the mother instead of trying to calm her kid down goes and hides inside of a safe. Logical...

I wrote down one other thing about this movie that bugged me. I wrote "Jesus freak doesn't run from gunshots" I'd elaborate more but it was such a crap movie I don't recall the scene. But I know Jesus freaks and guns freak out all of them. Never mind a gun firing in their direction.

American Reunion

Now on HBO On Demand so I finally watched it and was pleasantly surprised actually. I figured gross another stupid sequel that nobody wanted but it turned out to have quite a few good laughs while being a decent movie. It's far from great but worth a watch if you enjoyed the others in the series.

Queue Boosters

Raid Redemption STARZ On Demand

New to the On Demand section of Starz. A GREAT movie. Probably my favorite of this past year that I've seen thus far. Yes it's all Asians and yes the voices are dubbed but trust me when I say if it didn't piss me off it won't piss you off. Give it a shot.

Nantucket Film Festival presents Comedy Roundtable

Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey sit down for a conversation about all things comedy hosted by Bill Hader. If you enjoy comedy and/ or podcasts you'll love this. There's plenty of funny mixed in with some insightful knowledge of the comedy world. It also makes you feel good about Jim Carrey for a change. He has seemed to be insane as of late but you can see the same things that got him to the top still flow throughout his body and mind. I'm excited for all his future endeavors.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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