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This Week In Media 1/28/14 

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Another typical January week in Media, with two chick flicks and a shitty video game nobody should still care about. Regardless there’s a new segment and some good movies worth watching.


New This Week

In Theatres



Labor Day

Well on one hand we have a director, Jason Reitman, that has been nominated for four Academy Awards, a lead actress in Kate Winslet who has one Best Actress Oscar in her trophy case to go along with five other Academy Award nominations and a lead actor in Josh Brolin who has an Academy Award nomination of his own. On the other hand we have a movie about Labor Day being released in January. So yah, see this at your own risk. Or watch this how it was made to be viewed, on demand when it’s free and it happens to be that time of the month.


That Awkward Moment

Another date movie this week. This one centers around that moment in every relationship when you must ask “Where is this actually going?”. While I could do without Zac Efron for the rest of my life, this Miles Teller kid is really growing on me. I really enjoyed Project X, The Spectacular Now and 21 & over. This kid is still young and really coming into his own. This movie isn’t exactly going to push him over the top, but I like the cut of his jib and I hope to see more of him in the near future, just preferably without Zac Efron.

Video Games



Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Another addition to the “People are still playing these games?” list. This one has been rebooted for the next-gen consoles and all I can say is… thank god it’s about time  .

From Q to Q

I happen to be one of those movie junkies that loves his Netflix. I have a DVD queue that’s right up against the maximum amount of movies allowed, 500 is the number in case you were wondering. Now I do not think or intend to watch all of them with my one dvd plan, but more so just so I know when movies switch from being only available on DVD to being available on their instant plan. So that’s what this is; a list of movies, some that I have seen some that I have not, but all that I have had some interest in, that have made the switch from DVD ready to being available to watch whenever you want. 


Jack Reacher

I have watched this one since it made the move and I must say I found it a bit underrated. I would assume it’s because of Tom Cruise. He might be in a league of his own in that most people hold him to high enough standards that when he makes a movie that is subpar, and most of them really are, then they love to shit all over him. I’m not saying this should have been up for awards or anything, but it quite a fun investigative crime thriller with a very charismatic performance by Tom Cruise as he tries to figure out what really happened with six sniper shots and five dead people. I’m sure the 2.5 hour run time hurt it to some degree but I actually had fun for almost every single minute of it and would recommend it to anyone that likes Tom Cruise or just thrillers in general.


Raging Bull

I’ve never actually seen this movie, I know I feel like a criminal. Call it homework for next time.



Sex Drive

I am kind of hoping everyone has already seen this flick but if you haven’t get on that immediately. This is a really fun movie highlighted by Seth Green’s hilarious Amish character.


Good Burger

Maybe this is just me paying homage to my childhood but I just rewatched this and loved it as much as I remember loving it. Sure it’s silly and often unbelievable but Keenan and Kel are great as these characters, especially for being so young when this came out.



The Last Stand

We are going to go out on a movie that I have yet to view, but Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville is a silly action movie that was released in the month of January? Yes please.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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