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This Week In Media 11/19/13 

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Pretty big week with a next gen console and two big blockbuster movies.

New This Week

In Theatres


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The first movie was a fun time, even though it’s quite long. It’s one of those movies where you are better off skipping the beginning and just figuring it out as you go. I think I would have enjoyed the first one much more if I watched it that way. This one I’m sure will be like the other sequels with more action from the getgo. And I haven’t read the books but if Jennifer Lawrence is going back to fight they shouldn’t have wasted so much time explaining how someone can only go once. Obviously they are going to draw her name against because they were mad she beat them and will use the excuse that they pulled her sisters name, not hers. So there’s the giant plot twist at the beginning you can skip through. A lot of people are going to see this in theatres but, I’m not all too sure why. This will be fun, but there are a ton of fun movies out there.


Delivery Man

Anything with Vince Vaughn is worth watching. He’s like the movie version of Adam Carolla. He is great on his toes and constantly improving funny lines.

Video Games

Xbox One

I don’t know what happened to last weeks TWIM but this week we get the drop of the inferior next gen console the Xbox One. I haven’t done much research because I don’t need to, PS4 is the only next gen console I will be spending money on, and even then it will be a while. I still fee like we are two or three years away from needing a new gaming system.

Since I’ve Last Written

Pacific Rim

So giant monsters come to earth via a portal to another dimension or something along those lines. They decide to try and take over the world, so obviously we need to build massive robots to combat them. It’s terrible but it is a kind of fun movie to watch. It has the same sort of model as Top Gun, only it’s the over the top shitty version with aliens and robots.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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