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This Week In Media 10/29/13 

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MLB playoffs end this week so hopefully I can hop on a normal sleep cycle, of course the NBA is starting and the clocks go back an hour this Sunday. So screw it, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. On to TWIM!



In Theaters

Free Birds


Last Vegas

So we get a finally get a Turkey Day kids movie and an Old People version of The Hangover. Hey I get it. It’s the holiday season so it’s time for a kid flick and I also understand Last Vegas. Bridemaids was fair at best and it cleaned up at the box office.




Monsters University


I didn’t get a chance to see Monsters U, but I loved Monsters Inc. so I have high hopes. As for R.I.P.D., Ryan Reynolds sucks.


ON TV/ONDemand


NBA League Pass Free Preview 


The Walking Dead


The NBA is back and Comcast usually gives a free preview to every game for a week or two so check that out. Walking Dead is back, but has been hurt by Sunday Night Football and the MLB playoffs. Dads has gotten progressively better as the season has gone on, and was even renewed for a full season.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013 

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