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This Week In Media 4/23/13

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Really fun week this week. The Rock, Katherine Heigl and McConaughey have movies coming out. Snoop Lion drops an album. There are some video games and some movie reviews, queue boosters you name it.

New In Theatres


Pain & Gain

The big new release of the week. The Rock and Mark Wahlberg. Everything I have heard about this flick is that it is an alright movie that is worth seeing for The Rock. I have not seen it but he seems to have really turned into a good actor. Now that he shook off that awful Disney deal he had he is really showing how good he is. He has proven he has some comedy chops but Is he just the best actor in a bad action movie? You could argue it but I think he could really surprise people with the right dramatic role. Please, Mr. Johnson, keep the movies coming.


The Big Wedding

Katherine Heigl has a new movie. Unfortunately this time they dragged Bobby De Niro in to pretend he has not been separated from his wife Diane Keaton for quite some time just to make their daughter, Katherine Heigl, happy. Sounds like Katherine Heigl.



Matthew McConaughey is a fugitive that lucks into the help of two teenage boys. No he isn’t a diddler, get this he is trying to get back to his one true love.

New Albums


Snoop Lion - Reincarnated

Snoop Dogg has a new album. You know he is still a true gangsta cause he put Miley Cyrus on in a song.

There are some other weird albums coming out this week too, like Steve Martin’s latest batch of bluegrass bullshit, Rob Zombie, yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh, Will I Am, #douchebag, and a few others I pray that nobody purchases.

New Video Games


Dead Island Riptide

I have heard great things about the Dead Island games, I just might be on in this one. Basically it is an open world game with zombies. For those of you that love the setup to Fallout, or the Elder Scrolls, or Grand Theft Auto, and you like zombies you will love this. I’m not a big zombie guy but it seems like a fun idea for my favorite type of game.


Star Trek

I have not played this so it may be like every other lame movie video game. However given the fact that it is Star Trek and not something nerds might not care about, leads me to believe this will be one of the better video game renditions of a movie you will play.



Lay the Fave

This movie is now on Netlifx instant so I checked it out since I am a degenerate gambler and love Bruce Willis. It was a good movie as far as gambling movies go for the first 30 minutes or so with Bruce Willis really doing a great job. After that it fell off a cliff. Not that she was in the first 30 minutes but Rebecca Hall puts on one of the worst acting performances I have ever seen. Every scene that featured her opening made me thing I was watching a bad porno. I really liked her in The Town, but holy shit that was bad. 4/10

Queue Boosters


The Campaign HBO On Demand

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis run a campaign against each other to join the Ottawa Senators or something. Zach’s character is a little disappointing and unfunny, but Will is always great and it has some great moments. It’s worth a watch if you aren’t fully in the mood to watch a movie.


Hemlock Grove Netflix Original

The newest Netflix Original is out, a horror series made in part because of the success of House of Cards, which I feel like it should have been better. I still have not finished it yet and I blame them more than me. But I am excited about the thought of the Netflix original TV series. The idea of all the episodes being out at midnight of that night has me giddy. I love it. Great job Netflix.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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