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This Week In Media 4/15/13

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So it's no plethora of films releasing in theaters this week, but fear not because I have been doing some heavy lifting in the video game, Netflix, and reading (yes reading) departments. Let's get to it..


In Theaters





Just your typical future movie where the world has gone to shit and Tom Cruise is exploring and attempting to save it. Morgan Freeman is also in the movie in his regular wise old bad ass role. Just like 42 I expect Oblivion to be on FX within the next 18 to 24 months.




Django Unchained



I've written about this movie before. It's a 10/10 and deserved every Oscar nomination and win that it received. If you haven't seen it, see it now because it is a must watch.


Queue Boosters/OnDemand


Space Jam (HBO OnDemand)


One of, if not the best movie of my childhood. Let's see anyone try to pull off the same movie now.


The Hunger Games (Netflix Instant)


With the teaser for Catching Fire being released last night, the first Hunger Games movie has released to Instant Netflix.


Hemlock Grove (Season 1 is released Friday on Netflix Instant)


Looks like it may have some kind of True Blood or Twilight feel to it. However, Netflix is 1/1 in their original series so far and they have Arrested Development Season 4 next month. I will definitely give this show a look.




The Walking Dead



So I'm a huge fan of the AMC series, and a friend of mine got me the comics to read while I was recovering from surgery. There are currently 109 comics in the series and I proceeded to read every one of them.


Video Games


NHL 14 (Releases 9/10/2013)


The Details of NHL 14 were released yesterday. NHL 13 is a great game, but does need some work in the online features area as MLZ has pointed out. These are the new features according to EA Sports:


  • Deliver game-changing hits with cutting-edge NHL® Collision Physics, built from EA SPORTS FIFA’s revolutionary Player Impact Engine.

  • Drop the gloves with the all-new Enforcer Engine, powered by the same technology used in the critically acclaimed Fight Night franchise.

  • Experience a new level of speed and control with the second season of the critically-acclaimed True Performance Skating engine, and dangle defenders with all-new One-Touch Dekes.

  • In addition, fans can Live the Life of an NHL player in an all-new incarnation of the Be a Pro Career Mode, now featuring on and off-ice elements.


Sadly there is no mention of any changes to online Be a GM Mode. Cover voting for NHL 14 begins on April 22.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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