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This Week In Media 2/26/13

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This is going to be a bit skimpy this week, We have had a long couple of days basically rebuilding most of the site from scratch. While AP3 was just diagnosed with appendicitis today and sent in for surgery I'm assuming since I haven't heard back from him. Hopefully he gets well very soon and hopefully he weighed himself this morning so we all know roughly how many pounds we could dump off at the hospital if needed. Anyways, I apologize for the site being down as long as it was. Hopefully the new site and some new stuff will more than make up for it.

Now on to TWIM

Jack the Giant Slayer


At least the special effects look good. That's really all I have to say on the positive side for this movie. It's just another monster turd in a long line police horses. Hollywood just refuses to quit on the regurgitate someone elses idea, whether it was good or not in the first place won't stop them, and throw it at us and expect us to pay $100 million to see it. Fuck that nobody wants your crap, make something creative.

The Last Exorcism Part 2

I'm not sure what there is to say about this one. Somebody elses idea? Check. Sequel to a movie nobody cared about in the first place? Check. New writers? Check. New director? Check. A cast filled with people nobody has ever heard of? Check. A title suggests that this movie couldn't even happen to begin with? Check. ...ya let's green light this, wide release.

21 and Over


Finally a movie I sort of want to see. That's only because of how underrated 'Project X' is in my mind. I fell for that movie for whatever reason, and obviously there's a lot of that flick in this one. I'm sure it's actually the only real reason this got made to begin with. However if this lets me down there's a good chance I won't be seeing the next 'Best party you can't attend' movie.




Here's a movie that will sail under the radar. Ed Harris is great and we haven't had a good submarine movie in a while. The budget is only estimated at $18 million, so it makes sense why I haven't seen any ads for it really. This is going to be one of those movies that us guys will completely forget about, find on demand some night we are drunk by ourselves, and fall in love with it.


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Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires


I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't dream of playing any of these games. Ya they look corny and ultimately there's no real plot worth caring about. But if you are like me and you like to listen to podcasts while playing a video game than this is a great one. You are almost always fighting and can skip all the lame videos of Asian warriors. Sure they're a bit ridiculous, but someone keeps buying them or else there wouldn't be 9,000 of them. 'Empires' is a gimmick spin off game they made. So that's probably 7 of those and I personally own the regular number 7., that's at least fourteen and I'd be willing to bet the total is closer to 20.


In other words don't spend $60 they're all basically the same game. 'Empires' is a bit like the game 'Risk', so if you like that buy one of those. Just not this one, not yet anyway.


Quick Oscar thoughts; Seth was great. All the cunts out there saying he sucked and was offensive in so many ways and not funny, you are all miserable menopausal bitches. Get the stick out of your ass and learn to laugh for once. Stop taking offense to everything everyone says everywhere. They're jokes you small minded, dead inside, dopes. They are meant to make people laugh and before you jump in with your bullshit "So then you think rape is funny" response think about that for a second. They are JOKES. In other words they aren't coming from a place of hate. Do you really think that somebody trying to make a large group of people laugh would pace around and think about things he hates? Or would he walk around and think about things he thinks are funny? Point is if they aren't said without real hatred then what are you pissed off about? Sure maybe you have suffered in some way and don't think certain things are funny. But maybe you should think about there are more people in the audience besides yourself and let it go. Stop acting like he walked out on stage with a swastika on his forehead.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

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