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This Week In Media 1/1/13

Happy New Year everybody. I hope that the hangovers aren't too bad but the stories from last night are great. This Week In Media might be a bit tricky for a few reasons. Let's take a look.

New This Week

Texas Chainsaw

The first time I saw this trailer I thought, great just what we all wanted another rendition of the same shitty movie. The more I see this trailer though the more I think it could be gold. It's might win some worst movie of the year awards. It's going to be incredibly bad and when you throw in some action and flash a little titty you have a "Movie" that's fun as hell to watch, (When it's free and you are drunk by yourself).

A Dark Truth

This movie I think will be a gem for another reason. Being released at such a weird time leads me to believe it's going to stink. But there will come a time in a few months when you've forgotten about it and happen to stumble upon it on cable one night when you are looking for something good to watch, and you will love it. Forest Whitaker is always a 10 and Andy Garcia isn't awful himself. This will probably bomb and get subpar reviews from the critics but like I said you'll forget it and then love it.

That's it. Two movies coming out this week with no games nor albums because of the New Year. Look forward to later in the week when we will give you guys a 2013 movie preview.

Since I've Written Last

The Campaign

I guess I'm going to have to eventually re watch this movie. But I wasn't as enthralled with it as everyone else seemed to be. On paper this movie should have been incredible, but I was almost immidiately disappointed with Zach's character for some reason. Don't get me wrong it had plenty of funny parts but ultimately its a C+ movie at best.

Dice: Indestructible

I've written enough about this, but if you haven't seen it trust me watch it. It should be up on Showtime On-Demand now or soon. The Dice Man didn't disappoint. Getting older you got the sense he understood how this character he created was supposed to act and was a little more clownish with it. That's not by any means a slight to the Dice Man. I thought it was an incredible performance filled with some old and plenty of new laughs.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The entire series in now in instant Netflix. I haven't started watching it yet, but I will be soon. Just thought you might want to know too so you can get yourself caught up.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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