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Remember... Walter McCarty

I LOVE WALTER. Some of my fondest memories growing up a Celtics fan were hearing those words screamed by the one and only Tommy Heinsohn.

Walter played 10 years in the league eight with the Celtics. His career stats aren't anything special but the memories he created is why I remember him. His hustle was second to none. He was the first on the deck going after a loose ball, and he was always running up the floor looking for a big momentum swinging three ball. He worked his ass off always, and played some tough defense for those Celts teams. He was basically James Posey before James Posey.

Unfortunately, there's not enough good videos of him on Youtube because his RNB career has seemingly replaced them all. That's right his RNB career. He also was an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers until 2011 and I'm not sure what his opinions are on coaching but he seems like he would be a good fit. He's also now all over Twitter, follow him @waltermccarty.

Just don't forget how great he really was. People remember his career in partial thanks to Tommy, but we should remember him for his hustle and hard play and his ability to perform in the clutch. I remember watching the deciding Game 5 vs the 76ers when the Celtics blew them out 120-87. Pierce went for 46 on 16-25 shooting, 8-10 from three, and 6-7 from the ft line, in 44 minutes. As incredible a game he had the lasting memory was Walter McCarty's one made shot, a three, from about 6 feet behind the three point line. He ran back down the other end shrugging his shoulders and laughing. It effectively ended the game. It was one of those shots where the Celtics were just on fire for a period of time and Walter tee'd up this bomb and hit nothing but net. It was at that point Philly knew they could not battle back. And that's why we all love Walter.   

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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