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Remember... Kill The Man With The Ball

There was nothing better than this game in the middle of the winter when you were a kid. Mom would put 4 layers of clothes on you, including your super slippery Charlotte Hornets Starter Jacket. That made the ball impossible to hold on to. There's no way in hell parents will ever let their kids knowingly play this game anymore. We used to go to the weird neighbor kid's house (used him for his awesome yard) and beat the piss outta each other. Just running full speed in your boots through a foot of snow only to get drilled from the side and not really feel anything because of all the padding, until you get a face full of snow. My favorite play was when someone would get someone by the ankles, that person would try to be tough guy and break through the ankle lock and then gets eventually pummeled by an oncoming tackler. And everyone could play, the fast kid, the fat kid, the 5 year younger brother and the weird neighbor with the awesome yard that had way too much fun eating the snow. Yup, times were good, hard hits with no intention to actually hurt someone, just knock the ball loose. Then you would go home, mom would make you hot chocolate, and you'd pop this in....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

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