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Remember... The 2012-13 NHL Season 

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It got started late but it did not disappoint. This season was absolutely wild. The two best teams met in the finals and the best team won it in rather dramatic fashion. Let’s take a look back at all the fun this shortened season provided us.

Best Saves 


8. Cam Ward robs Joel Ward

What a great glove save amidst a wide open net.


7. Henrik Lundqvist diving save vs the Bruins

Opening night for these two teams when King Henrik put a bid in for save of the year. He didn’t stop there...

6. Lundqvist stops a flurry from Buffalo

This could have counted as two or three top saves.

5. Jimmy Howard robs the Sedin twins

Had he scored this would have made the best passes list. Not that it had anything to do with the pass but the save was silly good.


4. Jimmy Howard stuns Burrows

Burrows can’t believe he saved that and I can’t either.


3. Ondrej Pavelec stick save vs Carolina

Love me a great sprawling stick save.

2. Kari Lehtonen behind the back


1. Jake Allen stick save vs Calgary

The best part about that save was how after he stopped the puck with just his stick he calmly/confidently caught the puck. I think I even heard him say “Oh, is it good if I saved it?”

Best Hits

6. Drew Doughty levels Pavel Datsyuk

This is Pavel doing what Pavel does best only this time he pays the price.

5. Andrew Desjardins clobbers Colin Fraser

Big hit and as a bonus you get to watch Desjardins fight Jake Muzzin.

4. Ovi nails Cory Conacher

This is why I love me some Ovi. Not only will he dazzle you with some crazy goal but he is willing to put his body at risk whenever possible. He is the anti Tyler Seguin. While part of me feels like should carry a lot of the burden another part of me thinks it’s a shame he’s been on disappointing teams. I feel like he would excel like never before on a defensive minded team like the Bruins. He can win the MVP (Hart)... hah I did it to you you asshole NHL people... trophy every year but the Caps keep disappointing in the playoffs. They also keep bringing in coaches and players to put together a great offensive team. Ovi might be the best offensive player and not the greatest defensive player but on a team that plays like the Bruins I feel like he would have to make the best of his chances and he would rise to that occasion. It’s just a shame that we will probably never see that/the best Alexander Ovechkin has to offer. A+ hit though, ouch.

3. Brooks Orpik explodes through Chris Kreider at the blue line

I think I might choose getting punched in the liver by Gennady Golovkin before taking this hit from Orpik.

2. Drew Doughty again

The only repeat hitter on the board here and he does it with authority. What a monstrous hit. The more I watch it the more I fall in love with it.

1. Jamie Mcginn gets Kronwalled

Sweet Jesus, what an f’n hit.

Best Assists 

6. TJ Oshie one handed pass to David Backes

Believe it or not, it’s only going to get better from here.

5. Ryan Smith slap pass to Paajarvi

We need more hockey names like “Ryan Smith” and less like “Paajarvi”. On second thought we need more first names like “Magnus” but lets keep the Paajarvi’s on the down-low.

4. Rick Nash to Carl Hagelin

This would have made the list even if Nash wasn’t

falling down while trying to make the pass. The fact that he was makes it all the more spectacular.

3. Semin no look spinning pass

Outrageous. Spinning around and without looking flicks it across the middle through a kneeling defenders legs right on the stick of Tlusty for the easy goal.

2. Sidney Crosby no look one touch dish to Dupuis

This is better than Semin simply because of how fast he fired this pass off. It was about as quick as you can get a pass off and behind the back never the less. The quickness of Crosby gets the nod over Semin.

1. Vanek to Ennis

Just sick. Thomas Vanek always kills the Bruins but man do I love watching him play. He is so frigen good.

Best Fights 

3. Joe Thornton vs Jamie Benn

Nothing like a good fight between two guys that don’t fight. This is the best of it’s kind that we have seen in several years let alone in this season.

2. Patrick Bordeleau vs Brian McGrattan

Wow. What intensity. Both of these guys threw so many punches that landed they got tired. That means they also took a ton of hits to the face and neither hesitated throwing the next haymaker.

1. Colton Orr vs Deryk Engelland

Great fight. Colton Orr has really established himself as arguably the best fighter in the NHL this year.

Best Shootout Goals 

3. Sam Gagner beats Mike Smith

Poor Mike Smith... at least he just signed a new 6 year $34 million deal.

2. Mason Raymond spinorama

Love this goal, but you could argue it should have never counted.

1. John Tavares does the Forsberg

I have certainly seen this type of goal before but it never ceases to amaze me.

Best Goals 

10. Cory Hodgson vs Carolina

Don’t you dare think this is the last we will be seeing of this god awful Hurricanes defense.

9. Eric Fehr’s overtime winner

Not only did he split the two defensemen with a great move but he beat a Stanley Cup caliber goaltender for the win in overtime.

8. Joffrey Lupul coast to coast

I don’t know what was better the fact that he clearly had “I’m goin to the net” written on his forehead the second he got the puck yet nobody on Carolina knew it... or that sexy wrap around finish.

7. Nathan Horton vs Carolina

Poor Carolina. Three of the top 10 goals this year came against them. They lost Cam Ward relatively early on in the season and scrambled from there. But these three goals feature some of the worst defense I’ve ever seen. It’s not even bad, it’s more like they don’t give a shit. There is absolutely no effort made by any of the defensemen in any of these videos.

6. Michael Grabner vs Anders Lindback

Two young guys with big upside. Grabner happens to be one of my favorite underrated players and he proves why here. He absolutely takes Lindback to school. What? Sorry I’m tired and kinda drunk.

5. Zetterberg earns his hat trick

Sure there was no goalie but it was short-handed and there was no goal this season that was more “all balls” than this one, well except for...

4. Shawn Mathias goes all out vs the Bruins

Typical Bruins’ power play. Not that I mean to take away from Mathias’ goal, it’s the most “all balls”, goal this year. I LOVE this goal.

3. Geno beats the Lightning

Filthy. Not to take away from the great move by Malkin but, wow was this Lightning defense bad this year.

2. Pavel Datsyuk vs Jonathan Quick

This guy is just a magician. Jonathan Quick arguably the best goalie in the world. Won the 2012 Stanley Cup virtually by himself and he was absolutely stunned. Not to mention the move to split the defense.

1. Pavel Datsyuk vs all of the Nashville Predators

There are no words for this. “Magic”, that’s really all. There’s a reason I have a full blown man crush on him.

Tangent: For years I have been complaining about how the phrase “full blown” has been ruined by “full blown aids”. Maybe it makes me a horrible person but saying I have a “full blown man crush” feels right. Thanks for hanging with me. Sorry for this.

Pav makes a big hit grabs the puck virtually goes coast to coast against one of the better defensive teams in the league, only to beat four guys on defense inside the blue line, and then he beats Pekka Rinne, possibly the best goalie on the planet. Yes I am aware that Nashville ended up with the fourth fewest points this year, but this was early in February and Nashville had the third most points in the Western Conference last season, 5th in the NHL, and a Rinne in net coming off a Vezina Trophy nomination. Not to mention that this goal came later in the 3rd period, tied the game, and allowed for a dramatic Jonathan Ericsson game winning goal with five seconds remaining. I know this isn’t UFR, but 10/10.

Best of the playoffs

Bruins comeback vs Toronto

Crazy. I didn’t think the Bruins had it in them. The proved a lot to me with this win. For the record I never changed the channel.

Blackhawks battle back down 3 games to 1 vs rival Red Wings

Game 7 in overtime. The drama in the cup finals has made people forget about this.

Bruins sweep Pittsburgh

The Bruins embarrassed the Penguins in these four games. They turned their game upside down and beat them senseless. Yet somehow Coach Bylsma got an extension and a job coaching the US olympic team. Weird how that works, he should have been fired.

Triple OT Thriller

What a game, these teams gave everything they had.

2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Cup

I can’t remember a more exciting finish to a Cup Final. The Blackhawks did deserve to win it all this year. They went half the season without losing in regulation. They were a machine.


Monday, July 1, 2013 

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