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Remember... John Candy 

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Coming up on the 20 years since the great John Candy left us makes me feel old and really sad. John Candy is right there with Walter Matthau for my favorite comedic actors of all time (for the record Vince Vaughn is closing in on that group and Adam Carolla would be right there as well if he were cast in more films. John Candy is a treasure in every stretch of the term. I am getting sort of sad right now thinking about it. The fact that he left us so early is depressing but he left us with a pile of gold. Yes it leaves me wanting more. I would like to accept the incredible comedy he left us with. But John Candy could have provided us with so much more, he is just a true comedic god.

First let’s just get this Video section of the home page logged…

The great John Candy on Letterman in 1983.

1. Candy proves his true comedic genius as he talks about something that has no humor about it and just makes you laugh.

2. You can FF to the 3:10 mark where John starts to sit down and chat with Letterman. You should notice quickly that John Candy is crankin a butt (smoking a cigarette for you not down with the lingo), on live TV. Those days should be missed.

3. Either John Candy was an enormous human being or David Letterman was jockey small.

4. In the interview process it feels as though John Candy's people just gave Letterman's people a list of outdoors things to talk about. Candy then proceeds to make jokes worthy of laughing out loud about boring farm equipment and etc.

This may be a commitment but trust me it is worth the watch.

R.I.P. John Candy


On top of his uncanny ability to make you laugh he was a really good actor. Here in 2013 most guys in his role are terrible actors. Please try and tell me that if he were still acting he would not have, in the worst case scenario, dug into John Goodman’s credits this past year. The Internship, The Hangover 3, Flight, Argo and many more could have been roles for Candy. If he decided to try any sort of serious role he could have had pick of the litter that Goodman ended up landing.

There are movies even I haven’t seen from John Candy so this may feel incomplete to some people but here are some of my favorite John Candy movies.

Canadian Bacon


Uncle Buck 

Who's Harry Crumb 


The Great Outdoors 



Armed and Dangerous 


Planes Trains and Automobiles 

Thanks John, rest in peace. 


Sunday, August 25, 2013 

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