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Remember... Drinking Instead of Sleeping 

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It has been quite a while since the last Remember… but I’m breaking it back out after my Thursday night. I’m sure there are plenty of you that still go out drinking all night during the week but I thought those days were behind me.


I used to go into town (Boston) with my buddy Vinnie all the time. We would go to a bunch of different awful bars with the hopes of landing some chicks that were out of our league. We would be out drinking until they kicked us out around 2am only to come home grab a few hours sleep and then head back to work at 6am only to do it again the next night. A handful of times I would just go right to work and sleep in front of the gate. If I hadn’t I probably would have broken my alarm clock when it buzzed only to then fall back asleep resulting in me being four hours late. I figured if I parked in front of the gate I can’t possibly be late for work since they’d have to wake my stupid ass up in order to get into the parking lot.

Maybe it was the amount of money we were spending, maybe we grew up a bit, or maybe my buddy got sick of hearing me complain about the fuckin asshole dj’s but those nights have been few and far between for quite a while.

When I was younger we would go out so often that we couldn’t really remember specific nights out. But the last two times I have gone out like that stand out in my mind now. The first one there were a few too many rita’s consumed without food resulting in about $1200 damage to my car and my favorite hat being used as a chuck bucket. The other included a limo, free beer and wine and of course… plenty of shots.

While those nights stand out in my mind as great nights, minus the whole car thing, it’s really about the next day at work to me. Those are the days that build character. While most people would frown upon drinking heavily, especially on a work night, and they have a great point, I really believe doing it once in a while can be really good for you, just don’t drive.

The two nights I just talked about carried two of the longest following work days I can remember. The first I barely even remember happening. I think I made myself blackout during work as well as the night before just to get through it. Kind of like stories you hear about rape victims going to a place in their mind so they can just get through it. Of course I would have rather been raped than work that day… joking… All I remember is that I was alone in the warehouse, meaning I had to do twice as much work. Luckily it was about as slow as it’s ever been and I just used a push broom to hold my ass upright.

The more recent hangover day was brought on by staying out until about 3am before heading back into work at 7am. I’m fairly confident that I was still drunk when I punched in. It was one of those days where at 2pm someone would mention something that happened that morning only I thought it happened weeks prior. It took two large black iced coffees and about 25mg of Adderall but 5pm eventually came.

I don’t want to sound preachy but the way I view it is I brought this on myself I need to drag my ass to work the next day. If you come down with the flu feel free to call out of work. But if you go out and drink yourself into oblivion get your ass to work and battle through it. You will feel good about doing it and will be somewhat proud of yourself for getting through it. You’ve heard the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well what I’m saying is along those lines.

I remember the days of drinking heavily when I should have been sleeping but I appreciate the day after even more and that’s because I dragged my ass out of bed and got to work. Plus if you call out sick cause you are super hungover what are you going to do? Sure you can catch up on the sleep you missed out on but then what? Springer reruns? Watch Sportscenter 9 times? It’s not worth making your coworkers and/or employer disappointed in you and you’ll be damn glad you stuck it out the second you punch out.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

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