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Remember... These Plays

I like many of you am extremely upset that this NFL Season is coming to an end today. For Remember this week, we take a look back at the biggest/most memorable plays of the 2012 NFL Season.

Let's Take a Look....


Week 2

Green Bay 23 Chicago 10


Everyone loves the fake field goal shovel pass.

Week 3

Tennessee 44 Detroit 41 (OT)

Ignore all of the stupid ads here and check out this sick Nate Washington catch.

It's a shame the Shaun Hill Hail Mary was wasted. Speaking of Hail Mary's......

Seattle 14 Green Bay 12

The night the fake refs died.


Week 6

Washington 38 Minnesota 26

RG3 runs away from the Vikings.


Week 7

New Orleans 35 Tampa Bay 28


Joe Morgan keeps his feet for a neat TD catch.


Week 8

Indianapolis 19 Tennessee 13 (OT)

Vick Ballard dives for the game winning touchdown.

Week 11

Atlanta 23 Arizona 19


They lost the game, but what an effort by Greg Toler.


Week 12

New England 49 NY Jets 19 (Thanksgiving)

The Pats scored 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds. This one was my personal favorite.


Baltimore 16 San Diego 13 (OT)

The play of the year in my opinion. Ray Rice is a monster.


Week 16

Atlanta 31 Detroit 18

Calvin Johnson breaks Jerry Rice's all time receiving yards record.


Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson highlights from the season, too many to single out one. BEAST

Sunday, February 3, 2013

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