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Remember... Food Prizes 

Sure they probably leaked lead paint into whatever you were eating. And sure 9/10 times you were disappointed by what you got. But there was always the thrill of getting to the prize inside.

Let me preface by saying this gimmick is still used today. However it’s not even close to as awesome as it used to be. Today I was at the store and saw a box of Cheerios.


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Are you shitting me? A book? There was nothing more exciting at breakfast time that finding an army man or a racecar or even a stupid decoder coin to figure out the message on the back of the box. Now we get a book. Kids today have no idea how awesome breakfast used to be. But breakfast cereals aren’t the only one s guilty of letting their role in prizes slip.

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Sure they weren’t the best toys, but they got the job done. They gave you something to do for all of five minutes; much longer than the waste of paper that they give you now.

Because of the way people freak out about stuff touching their food (and china trying to poison us with lead paint) kids today will never enjoy the awesome experience of free toys with their food.


Sunday, May 12, 2013  

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