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Quick Picks: Betting the NBA Finals 

Game 1 tonight 9pm ABC

With just a few hours to go until the 2013 NBA Finals begins there is still time to call your bookie or and get a few bets in. Here are some of the best

Best Bets:

Spurs +190 in Game 1

You could argue the Spurs will be rusty and maybe they come out a bit flat but like the Pacers series the lines against Miami are always a bit fat. Also, all this time off has given the worlds best basketball coach, Greg Popovich, plenty of time to figure out how to stop the Heat.

Spurs +175 to win the series

What an incredible value bet at the very least. Even if you think the Heat will win the series this is worth a long look.

Spurs win Game 1 and the series +400

If you like both of those you could just hit this line for better odds.

Spurs win series in 5 +1400

With the stupid 2-3-2 Finals format winning in five becomes more likely and at 14-1 why the hell not.

Tim Duncan wins Finals MVP +700

Tony Parker wins Finals MVP +200

Lebron is the obvious favorite but there is no value in better him. Nobody else on Miami is really even eligible to win at this point. So that leaves you with the Spurs. Either Tony Parker is going to run wild or Tim Duncan is going to win it because he dominates like Tim Duncan does.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

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