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Penguins vs Islanders Preview 

Game 1 Wednesday 7:30pm NBCSN

I think we can all agree on the Penguins being the best team in the East when healthy. They are absolutely loaded offensively which should make up for their inconsistent goalie play and mediocre defensive unit. But barring an opposing goalie standing on their head for four out of seven I’m not sure anyone will be able to outscore this offense, again if healthy. They should be as close to 100% as they have been in the past month Wednesday night but could the Islanders come out with a mentality that they have nothing to lose and maybe steal this?

The Bet:

Pittsburgh sweep +350

The Penguins will sweep. They are just too loaded. They could sit Crosby out all series and I still think they would sweep. I like this Islanders team but they do not have what it takes to beat the Penguins. You just can’t compete with a team with TEN extremely talented goal scorers. There is no defense for that.

Bonus Bets:

Pittsburgh to win the Stanley Cup +350

Pittsburgh vs Chicago exact finals matchup +450

The Blackhawks are +350 to win the Cup as well so feel free to bet that too. These are the two best teams in the NHL by FAR this season. There is no doubt in my mind we get to watch them square off. Unfortunately Vegas could not agree more. The next best exact matchup odds are 10-1. Montreal/Anaheim, aka the #2 seeds, is 25-1. Pittsburgh and Chicago are HEAVY favorites right now and well deserved.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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