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NFL Pick'Em: Wild Card Round, 2015

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Panthers -6.5 vs Cardinals  

AP3 - Panthers

Big Country - Panthers 

I know the NFC South didn’t exactly impress this year, but I like Carolina for 2 reasons. First, they are hot, winning 4 straight and playing some good football. Second, and most importantly, their QB isn’t Ryan Lindley. In 9 career games, Lindley has thrown 2 TD passes, and 11 interceptions. There is NO CHANCE he plays well enough to keep this close.


MLZ - Cardinals

Upset Alert 

This has Cardinals 12 Panthers 9 written all over it. The Cardinals defense is still really good and Cam Newton and the Panthers are getting far too much love for a team that finished under .500 and a QB that finished 5-8-1. Sure they went on a much needed run to get here to end the year, but they beat... the Saints, Bucs, Browns, and Falcons... congrats. 

Steelers -3 vs Ravens 


AP3 - Ravens


Big Country - Steelers 

The Steelers have been sneaky good this year, and match up very well with the Ravens. The Ravens just haven’t been able to throw the ball well, relying heavily on the running game. That is the strength of the Steelers defense, ranked 6th in the league in yards allowed. The Ravens are two one dimensional to win this on the road.  



MLZ - Steelers 

Lock Alert 

It doesn't matter if LeVeon Bell is sitting out this week because the Ravens secondary is a joke. Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are going to light this team up. 


Colts -3.5 vs Bengals 


AP3 - Colts



Big Country - Bengals 

Normally I have a steadfast rule about not taking Andy Dalton in primetime/big games. But I’m going to make an exception because it’s the Colts, and they are a fraud team. The Colts have no problem beating bad teams, but they tend to struggle against good teams. Despite losing to the Colts once this season, I think the Bengals are a good team, and if you are going to give me 3.5 I can’t turn it down.  



MLZ - Colts

This is the biggest toss up game of the week but if you take Andy Dalton over Andrew Luck, you will regret it when they show the side by side just before the kickoff. 


Cowboys -6.5 vs Lions 


AP3 - Cowboys



Big Country - Lions 

I don’t think I can pick the Lions to upset here, but I think it comes down to the wire. And it has nothing to do with Tony Romo in the playoffs or anything like that. It has to do with the match up. The Cowboys offense centers around DeMarco Murray and the running game. The Lions have the best run defense in the league. The Cowboys struggle against the pass, which is the strength of the Lions offense (12th in the league, but a good chunk of the season they were without Calvin Johnson). At the end of the day the Cowboys are giving up to many points. 



MLZ - Cowboys

Matthew Stafford sucks.  




Year to date:


128-123-5 Overall 

2-8 Upset Alert

3-12 Lock Alert

Big Country 

124-127-5 Overall

2-8 Upset Alert 

6-14-1 Lock Alert


130-121-5 Overall

3-5 Upset Alert

16-22-1 Lock Alert 

Friday, January 2, 2015 

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