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NFL Pick'Em: Week 9, 2014

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Browns -7 vs Bucs 

AP3 - Browns

Big Country - Bucs


I think this is the week the Browns magic runs out (not that 4-3 is a magical season). Brian Hoyer isn’t a good QB, they are winning despite him, but because of him. Tampa Bay is slowly starting to look better in certain areas, and I think this is the week it all clicks in an ugly win that nobody will be watching.


MLZ - Browns

Lock Alert 

It's tradition to give London garbage games which means Matty Ice and that Falcons are going to continue to suck on defense and look sluggish on offense. The Lions defense has held it's own while the offense has struggled to put up points without Calvin Johnson playing. However if Calvin Johnson can suit up this might be over before 10am EST. 

Cowboys -1.5 vs Cardinals 


AP3 - Cardinals


Big Country - Cardinals

I don’t care if it’s Romo at QB, Weeden, or they bring back Quincy Carter, the Cardinals are the superior team. 



MLZ - Cardinals

Texans +1.5 vs Eagles 


AP3 - Eagles



Big Country - Texans

I think that Foles is a better QB when he faces pressure, and he is going to be pressured by Watt and the Texans D all game. 



MLZ - Eagles


Chiefs -9.5 vs Jets


AP3 - Chiefs

Big Country - Jets 


An extra week of Harvin learning the plays and a QB who isn’t Geno Smith is going to put the Jets in a position to compete, and maybe even win this game. 



MLZ - Chiefs


Bengals -10 vs Jaguars 


AP3 - Jaguars

Big Country - Jaguars

Ehhh I don’t like anyone in this game. Going with the dog. 


MLZ - Jaguars

Dolphins -3 vs Chargers 


AP3 - Chargers



Big Country - Chargers 

How is SD a dog? They are such a better team. I know it’s a cross country game and it’s early, but the Chargers should take this game with ease. 



MLZ - Chargers



Vikings +1 vs Redskins 


AP3 - Vikings

Big Country - Vikings  

Well it only took 6 weeks, but finally someone convinced Norv Turner/Mike Zimmer that Cordarelle Patterson needs to touch the ball in order to create offense 

MLZ - Redskins



49ers -10.5 vs Rams 


AP3 - Rams



Big Country - Rams

These aren’t the same 49ers from the last couple years, and the Rams are better than people think. 


MLZ - 49ers



Patriots +3 vs Broncos


AP3 - Patriots

Big Country - Broncos 


The Broncos defense has been playing out of its mind. Von Miller might seriously hurt Tom Brady 


MLZ - Patriots



Seahawks -14.5 vs Raiders  


AP3 - Seahawks



Big Country - Raiders

No NFL team should be giving more than 2 TDs. Any given Sunday. 


MLZ - Seahawks



Steelers -2.5 vs Ravens 


AP3 - Ravens



Big Country - Ravens


Big Ben had his big game of the year. Don’t expect a repeat of it. 


MLZ - Ravens


Giants +3 vs Colts 


AP3 - Raiders

Big Country - Colts 

Andrew Luck feasts on average opponents.  



MLZ - Colts

Year to date:


57-60-4 Overall 

1-6 Upset Alert

3-8 Lock Alert

Big Country 

58-59-4 Overall

1-6 Upset Alert 

6-7-1 Lock Alert


57-60-4 Overall

0-3 Upset Alert

8-16-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, November 1, 2014 

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