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NFL Pick'Em: Week 7, 2014

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Ravens -7 vs Falcons

AP3 - Ravens

Big Country - Falcons

The Dirty Birds have a rough defense, but they can score.  I feel like they should be able to keep up with Baltimore in a close one


MLZ - Ravens

Redskins -6 vs Titans


AP3 - Titans


Big Country - Titans

Because the coin came up tails



MLZ - Redskins

Rams +7 vs Seahawks 


AP3 - Seahawks



Big Country - Seahawks

After last week, the Seahawks come out angry and put a beating on an overmatched Rams team.



MLZ - Seahawks



Jaguars +4 vs Browns 


AP3 - Jaguars

Big Country - Browns 

Giving more than a FG with Cleveland.  I need a shower.  I feel dirty. 



MLZ - Jaguars 


Colts -3 vs Bengals


AP3 - Bengals

Big Country - Colts


The Bengals are an overrated team, and Andrew Luck dominates non-elite teams.  Going to be a huge Colts win. 


MLZ - Colts

Bills -7 vs Vikings


AP3 - Bills



Big Country - Vikings 

When in doubt take the points 



MLZ - Vikings



Bears -3 vs Dolphins


AP3 - Bears

Big Country - Bears

The Dolphins team just doesn't seem tough to me.  I don't see them bouncing back after a tough loss last week. 

MLZ - Bears 



Lions -1.5 vs Saints


AP3 - Saints



Big Country - Saints

Because I'm going against Drew Brees in one of my fantasy leagues.  Huge game coming. 


MLZ - Saints



Packers -6.5 vs Panthers


AP3 - Packers

Big Country - Panthers 

The Packers team is good, but I don't know if they are a touchdown better than the Panthers, who looked really good last week.  The Panthers have been clicking offensively and we might see an upset. 


MLZ - Packers



Chargers -3 vs Chiefs  


AP3 - Chiefs



Big Country - Chargers

Love love love the Chargers.  KC is not going to be able to put up points and the Chargers should have a field day though the air. 


MLZ - Chargers



Raiders +3.5 vs Cardinals 


AP3 - Raiders



Big Country - Cardinals


Last week was a "let's win for the new coach" game.  Now the regular Raiders come back to play a sneaky Super Bowl contender in what should be a blow out. 


MLZ - Cardinals


Cowboys -5 vs Giants


AP3 - Giants

Big Country - Giants

Upset Alert!!!!

After last week the Cowboys have tricked the country they are a good football team and finally got it together.  I'm not falling for it.  Not this guys.  Here comes the "those are the Cowboys we love" game that puts the world back in order. 



MLZ - Cowboys



Broncos -6.5 vs 49ers 


AP3 - Broncos



Big Country - Broncos


Peyton Manning on Prime Time in a non-playoff game?  Yea I will roll with that. 


MLZ - Broncos


Steelers -3 vs Texans


AP3 - Texans



Big Country - Texans 


The Steelers suck, and the Texans are going to be motivated after last week's debacle. 



MLZ - Texans


Year to date:


45-43-4 Overall 

1-6 Upset Alert

3-5 Lock Alert

Big Country 

46-42-4 Overall

1-4 Upset Alert 

4-6-1 Lock Alert


43-45-4 Overall

0-3 Upset Alert

6-11-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, October 18, 2014 

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