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NFL Pick'Em: Week 6, 2014

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Titans -4 vs Jaguars 

AP3 - Jaguars

Big Country - Titans

Because the Jaguars have hurt me too many times.


MLZ - Titans

Bucs +3.5 vs Ravens


AP3 - Ravens


Big Country - Ravens

The Ravens are a legit playoff team.  The Bucs are not.  This should be at least a TD spread, maybe more. 



MLZ - Ravens

Jets +10 vs Broncos 


AP3 - Jets



Big Country - Broncos

Do we really think Geno Smith is going to be able to keep up with Peyton Manning?  No way.



MLZ - Broncos



Vikings -1 vs Lions 


AP3 - Vikings

Big Country - Lions 

The Vikings are without their starting QB, RB, and TE, and are avoiding giving Cordarelle Patterson the ball for whatever reason.  They are going to struggle to keep up with Detroit, even without Calvin. 



MLZ - Lions


Bills -1 vs Patriots 


AP3 - Patriots

Big Country - Patriots


I mean ... It's still Kyle Orton.   


MLZ - Patriots

Bengals -7 vs Panthers 


AP3 - Bengals



Big Country - Panthers 


With AJ Green most likely out the Bengals are going to have to run the ball.  I don't see them being successful at that against the Panthers.  I don't trust Andy Dalton without AJ, and see an upset here. 



MLZ - Panthers



Browns -2.5 vs Steelers 


AP3 - Steelers

Big Country - Browns

Cleveland was almost able to pull the "upset" over the Steelers week 1 on the road.  The offense is clicking and showing chemistry, and they win this time around at home. 

MLZ - Steelers 



Dolphins +1.5 vs Packers 


AP3 - Packers



Big Country - Packers

Lock Alert!!!!

Does Aaron Rodgers have Ebola and we don't know it yet?  How is the spread so low?  The Packers are going to SMOKE Miami this week. 


MLZ - Packers



Raiders +7.5 vs Chargers 


AP3 - Chargers

Big Country - Raiders 

It always makes me nervous when a coaching change is made mid-season.  It ways seems like teams come out hot for the new coach.  Doubt the Raiders win but I could see a tight on with a division rival. 


MLZ - Chargers



Seahawks -10 vs Cowboys 


AP3 - Seahawks



Big Country - Cowboys

I feel like we are due for a classic 5 TD Tony Romo game.  You know, huge numbers and then he falls apart at the end and throws a pick when the game is on the line.


MLZ - Cowboys



Cardinals -5 vs Redskins 


AP3 - Cardinals



Big Country - Cardinals


I just can't get behind Washington.  They have no heart.


MLZ - Cardinals


Falcons +3 vs Bears 


AP3 - Falcons

Big Country - Falcons

Never go against Matty Ice at home.


MLZ - Bears



Eagles -1 vs Giants 


AP3 - Giants



Big Country - Giants


The Giants offense is starting to click and I think they win on Primetime.


MLZ - Eagles

Rams +3.5 vs 49ers 

AP3 - 49ers

Big Country - 49ers 

Don't trust Austin Davies. 

MLZ - 49ers


Year to date:


38-35-4 Overall 

1-6 Upset Alert

3-5 Lock Alert

Big Country 

34-39-4 Overall

1-3 Upset Alert 

2-6-1 Lock Alert


32-41-4 Overall

0-3 Upset Alert

6-11-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, October 11, 2014 

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