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NFL Pick'Em: Week 5, 2014

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Panthers -2.5 vs Bears

AP3 - Panthers


Fool me once shame on you, Chicago. Fool me twice, shame on me. The Bears and Vegas probably made a lot of people feel stupid last week after being whooped by the Packers. However something doesn’t feel right about this Panthers team and I really want to take the Bears getting points, but I just can’t do it two weeks in a row with Jay Cutler right?

Big Country - Bears

The Carolina D can shut down the run, but the Bears are going to air it out.


MLZ - Bears 

The Bears cost me some money last week, luckily they are getting a Panthers team that is struggling to find its identity. They don't have very many weapons to turn to through the air and the running back situation is even worse than we thought it would be heading into the season. While the Panthers defense is still among the best in the game and should give Cutler a fit, Marshall and Jeffery will make the difference in this one as the Bears will go on to win outright. 

Titans -1.5 vs Browns


AP3 - Browns

Lock Alert

What am I missing here? Cleveland has played well in every game this season and is getting their starting running back back in the lineup after a much needed Bye week. I’m taking the points every time against a team that started Charlie Whitehurst last weekend.


Big Country - Browns

Not giving points with the Titans.  Can't do it.



MLZ - Browns 

I'm not sure what to make of either of these teams but the Browns have the better defense so I'm going to take the points and watch the Titans struggle to score. 

Eagles -7 vs Rams


AP3 - Eagles

The Eagles haven’t done anything spectacular to impress me this season, but with the speed and talent on this roster, they should layeth the smacketh down on a St. Louis team that hasn’t scored a touchdown in Philadelphia since 2001.



Big Country - Eagles

Do we really think Shaun Hill is an improvement over Davies?  No way they keep up.



MLZ - Eagles
I know the Eagles offense has really struggled this year but it's the Rams on the road, they shouldn't be getting less than double digits vs anyone nevermind a team looking to really break out of its shell on the offensive side of the ball. 



Giants -4 vs Falcons


AP3 - Giants

Matt Ryan on the road. Matt Ryan on the road. Matt Ryan on the Road. Extra rest for NY. Extra rest for NY. Extra rest for NY. Shit. I just bet the Giants.

Big Country - Falcons

The Falcons D may suck, but I don't think Eli puts together two good weeks on a row.



MLZ - Giants 

The Falcons are just not a good football team, especially when playing away from the Georgia Dome. While I have exactly zero faith in Eli Manning, I have less faith in the Falcons defense being able to stop my college flag football team. 


Saints -10 vs Bucs


AP3 - Saints

Ugh I hate this pick. The Saints haven’t shown me anything this year and Tampa has also been awful and injured. I’d stay far, far away from this game though.

Big Country - Saints

Seems like alot of points to give, but when the New Orleans offense is clicking at home they are almost unstoppable.


MLZ - Saints 


The Saints need to get into form and start clicking on offense. This is the perfect week to gain some confidence as they should roll through this Bucs team coming off of a big win last week. 

Cowboys -6.5 vs Texans


AP3 - Texans


Upset Alert

Just when you thought you could confidently start laying points with Tony Romo at home, J.J. Watt shows up as an emerging, legit MVP candidate.



Big Country - Texans


I honestly think Houston is better than Dallas.  I think the defense is going to shutdown Tony Romo, and I don't think the Cowboys can stop DeAndre Hopkins, even with Fitzy at QB.



MLZ - Cowboys

I've been saying it since before the season started, don't get too down on the Cowboys. People had them pegged as one of the worst in the NFL and now they are proving people wrong. The Texans aren't a pushover by any stretch of the imagination and while JJ Watt should get his hands on Romo with some regularity, their offense is too good to struggle against Ryan Fitzpatrick at home. 



Lions -7 vs Bills 


AP3 - Lions


Lock Alert

Kyle Orton. That is all.

Big Country - Lions

I don't think it really matters if Orton is a QB or EJ Manuel.  They can't keep up with Detroit, even if half the offense is banged up.

MLZ - Lions 


The health of Megatron could really play into who covers this game but I don't like Kyle Orton as the Bills quarterback. I think they would be much better off with a game manager at the helm insted of a guy that could throw five picks in any given game. 



Colts -3 vs Ravens


AP3 - Ravens

Look for a low scoring struggle and Baltimore maybe just covering by a half point. Remember very good defense always wins out against streaky offense.



Big Country - Colts

As of today, Andrew Luck is the best QB in the NFL this season.  I think he has another huge week.


MLZ - Colts

After a big emotional win for Steve Smith and the Ravens, they draw Andrew Luck who has been the best QB in the NFL through the first month of the season. 



Jags +6 vs Steelers 


AP3 - Jags


Upset Alert


Young Blake Bortles wins his first NFL game and Pittsburgh starts to seriously question it’s direction with Ben Roethlisberger in a contract year.


Big Country - Steelers

I've learned my lesson.  I'm not picking Jacksonville the rest of the season until they win a game.


MLZ - Steelers 

After coming off of such a tough loss to the lowly Bucs the Steelers really need to get their shit together and put a full sixty minutes together against this awful Jags team to build confidence moving forward. 



Broncos -7.5 vs Cardinals 


AP3 - Cardinals

I really like the Cards to cover here, despite not having Carson Palmer available. I think teams have figured out this Broncos offense and the Cardinals defense is physical enough to hold down the fort and make the game respectable.



Big Country - Broncos

Peyton Manning coming off a bye?  I'd give 14.


MLZ - Cardinals


No love for the undefeated Cardinals from Vegas, or the public. Both teams are coming off of a bye but one of them is being disrespected and you can bet your ass Bruce Arians will make them well aware of it. The defense is going to stymie Manning and the Broncos offense and keep this game close. I actually think the Cardinals might have enough to prove to pull off the upset in this one. 



49ers -5 vs Chiefs 


AP3 - 49ers

Short week, on the road, hostile environment. Alex Smith’s first game back since being shipped off to Kansas City is not a pleasant one.



Big Country - Chiefs


No clue on this game.  Depends on which Kaepernick shows up.  When in doubt take the points.


MLZ - Chiefs  


I'm taking the points but I expect the 49ers to win this one in a close game. While I don't trust the 49ers at all, they are in need of playing a complete game after almost blowing that game against the Eagles last week. On the flip side the Chiefs have a short week after rolling through the Patriots. At this point their heads might be a little big to pull off another big win. That being said I would stay away from betting this one and just sit back and enjoy what should be a close game. 



Chargers -6.5 vs Jets 


AP3 - Chargers

Rex Ryan’s job may be in danger, despite the fact that he has less than the Patriots do on offense. Speaking of…

Big Country - Chargers

This Chargers team is legit. Phil Rivers is back.  Phil, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.


MLZ - Chargers


The Jets are getting a little too much love from Vegas for the awful performances they have turned in this year. The Chargers meanwhile are just chugging along knocking out anyone and everyone in their path. With the Geno Smith flying across the country I expect the Chargers to win this one big with Phil Rivers throwing all over that poor Jets secondary. 



Patriots PK vs Bengals 


AP3 - Patriots

Lock Alert

Call me a homer, but this really is a make or break game for the Pats. They need to come out and be competitive, otherwise I think we see a complete overhaul in 2015.



Big Country - Bengals


Because every non-Patriots fan has known this all season.  The Patriots are not very good.


MLZ - Patriots

Last minute change, 7:56pm EST, but maybe it's a bit of the homer in me coming out and maybe it's a hunch but the Patriots don't lose at home. It's not that they have any form of a home field advantage but they just don't lose at home. In the grand scheme of things I feel as though this is actually a bigger game for the Bengals than the Pats but I just feel like the Pats will be playing like their season is on the line. Last week was embarassing and they should bounce back. 



Redskins -7 vs Seahawks 


AP3 - Seahawks

Lock Alert

Gotham, The Big Band Theory, The Blacklist, and WWE Raw. Those are your other options for new programming. In short, the Redskins suck.



Big Country - Seahawks


Russell Wilson seems to always play well on prime time, and the Redskins defense only seems to play well in the 1990s.


MLZ - Seahawks  



Two weeks to prep for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins? Christmas is right around the corner... thanks Vegas. 


Year to date:


30-29-3 Overall 

1-4 Upset Alert

1-4 Lock Alert

Big Country 

27-32-3 Overall

1-2 Upset Alert 

2-6-1 Lock Alert


24-35-3 Overall

0-3 Upset Alert

4-9-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, October 4, 2014 

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