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NFL Pick'Em: Week 3, 2013 

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How bad are these NFL Network Thursday night games? While they can be entertaining, it seems like every week teams struggle during their short week and all the turnovers prove it. Not to mention the piss poor production value and atrocious announcing crew. It's only Week 3 and it feels like they need to cut NFL Network out of the fold. 


* Home teams in bold.


San Diego +3 over Tennessee

Interesting game here, both teams are 1-1. Both teams lost on comeback wins by the Texans. Both teams won games on the road against a team they were the underdog against by about 7 points. One of these teams might be for real. Tough challenge for the Chargers playing their 2nd 1pm east coast game in two weeks. However I'm taking the points.

Cleveland +6 over Minnesota


Brian Hoyer on the road. Trent Richardson traded. This should be a Minnesota ass whooping right? Wrong. The Vikings suck. Christian Ponder can't throw the ball more than 10 yards in the air. Teams stack the box with 8 guys to shut down Adrian Peterson.  That's how you beat the Vikings. Now don't get me wrong, the Browns are nothing special, but they are heading in the right direction for rebuilding and they started with a tough defense. Look for a low scoring affair here.

New England -7.5 over Tampa Bay

I was all about Revis owning Brady. Then I remembered that Bill and Tom had 10 days to prepare for this Bucs team. This line should be 10.

Houston -2.5 over Baltimore

You can't almost lose to the Browns at home, have your best offensive weapon hurting, and still have my trust against the spread.

Dallas -4 over St. Louis


The Rams have pushed in the Pick 5 twice this year. They score some garbage time points and make you sweat everything out. I'm predicting a 24-20 Cowboys win and push.

New Orleans -7.5 over Arizona

Drew Brees at home against Carson Palmer on the road. Enough said.

Washington -2 over Detroit

This is the week that RG3 finally gets it going early. No weather or rabid fan base to hold him back, and an undisciplined Lions defense across from him. Look for this game to also be a shootout though because the Redskins can't stop anyone.

Green Bay -2.5 over Cincinnati

The Packers are for real. They seem to have patched the holes in the defense from last season, and Aaron Rodgers seems to be playing with a chip on his shoulder. Andy Dalton however looks like he is regressing. Take the stronger offense.

NY Giants +1 over Carolina

Lock Alert!

I don't understand this line at all. Ron Rivera sucks as a coach. The Panthers have given up on him. And he's giving a point to a team that whooped him last year in Carolina? Free money here.

Atlanta +2 over Miami

With injury problems for the Patriots and a couple wins over some overrated teams, the Dolphins Bandwagon is starting to get pretty heavy. Despite losing Steven Jackson to injury, Matty Ice will still pick apart this Miami defense.

SF -10.5 over Indianapolis

Poor Colts, they get to be on the receiving end of an ass kicking from the pissed off defending NFC Champs.

Seattle -19.5 over Jacksonville

This line would have to get to 24.5 before I considered taking the Jaguars in Seattle.

Buffalo +2 over NY Jets


Remember, the Jets already got their only win of the season.

Chicago -2.5 over Pittsburgh

Unfortunately I truly hate this pick as both of these teams really suck. Not only do they both suck, but they both screwed me last week. Hopefully thay guy from The League shits in Jay Cutler's house again.

Oakland +15 over Denver

This has backdoor cover written all over it with Terrel Pryor racking up a huge amount of fantasy points.

Overall Record 16-15-2
Lock Alert Record 1-2-1

Moneyline Special Record 1-2



Friday, September 20, 2013 


Tennessee -3 over San Diego 


Both of these teams sit at 1-1 after suffering close losses to Houston. The Titans beat up the Steelers in Week 1 and the Chargers went across the country to beat the Eagles. This is really a toss up game. It might end up sloppy but this is the easiest game the linesmakers will have all year. -3 is the obvious line, but the odds of a west coast team winning after flying to Philly then back home then to Tennessee can't be good. Expect a close game but I'm laying the points here. Either way stay away from betting this one. 


Minnesota -6 over Cleveland 

Lock Alert! 

AP3 is insane with this pick. There is no way Brian Hoyer is going to win on the road after losing the Browns only good offensive player. Especially not when he is going up against an 0-2 Vikings team that is at home and desperate for a win. 


New England -7.5 over Tampa Bay


I don't love this pick, but 10 days to prepare for Josh Freeman should be nine more than needed. Plus with the schedule about to get a heck of a lot harder, the Patriots need to get their shit together. 


Houston -2.5 over Baltimore


I don't like this pick at all either. Both of these teams are overrated. Houston should have Andre Johnson at full strength after passing his concussion tests, but the Ravens may be without Ray Rice, not that they use him anyway. The Texans defense should be enough to tip this one in their favor. 


Dallas -4 over St. Louis


I like this Rams team, but the Cowboys passing attack is just too good at home. Dez Bryant and Tony Romo should have big games allowing for the Cowboys to escape with another win. 


Arizona +7.5 @ New Orleans 


Part of me feels stupid for making this pick, but the other part of me thinks that the secondary of the Cardinals will be enough to slow down the Saints passing attack. The Saints aren't going to lose this game, but I think it will be closer than most people probably think. 


Detroit +2 over Washington 


Moneyline Special

Lock Alert!

The Redskins are not only one of the worst teams in the NFL, but their star QB is clearly scared of his knee problems. He can't run and he doesn't step into throws. With or without Reggie Bush the Lions passing game is going to once again light up that Skins defense. I know it's only two points and that's tough to call an "upset", but the Lions are more than just a lock in this one. 


Green Bay -2.5 over Cincinnati


I still don't believe in this Bengals team. They have some nice pieces and they could be good, but Aaron Rodgers is good enough to win this one on his own. 


Carolina -1 over NY Giants 


Ron Rivera, is god awful as a head coach. On 4th and short deep in Bills territory you kick a fg to go up by 6 giving the Bills a chance to go down the field and win with a touchdown? Maybe that would be the smart choice if your quarterback wasn't the size of a freight train with the strength of a tugboat. Even if you don't get it you are forcing the Bills to go down the field while starting with their backs against the wall. If you convert then you win, and you gain some momentum. Rivera will be the first coach fired, he deserved to be shitcanned a long time ago. Regardless, the Giants are not good. Bad Eli has resurfaced this year, and the Panthers have too much talent this year to start off 0-3. However, expect a lot of points scored in this one. 


Atlanta +2 over Miami


Miami is a good football team, on the road. The Falcons are too high powered on offense to let this one slip through their fingers, even with the injuries piling up. 


SF -10.5 over Indianapolis


Unfortunately for Trent Richardson, his first game in a Colts uniform will come against a pissed off 49ers defense. The Colts defense sucks; this should be over rather quickly. 


Jacksonville +19.5 over Seattle 

The Seahawks should roll the Jags, but this has hangover game written all over it. Not only for the players but for the fans as well. Regardless of which way you go on this one you will likely have to sweat it out. 

Buffalo +2 over NY Jets


Lock Alert! 

Moneyline Special

How the hell can the Jets be favored? I don't care that they had 10 days between games, it's the frigen Jets, they suck. They will end up 1-15, mark my words. 


Chicago -2.5 over Pittsburgh


Lock Alert!

While the Bears really pissed me off last week, I will acknowledge that it was a really flukey game. They probably should have won by 30 points, but it came down to the wire and they got the job done when it mattered. The Steelers however, still have a top notch defense, but are battling offensive coordinator Todd Haley. He doesn't deserve to have a coordinator gig at the high school level nevermind the NFL. 


Oakland +15 over Denver


This could be a backdoor cover special if it weren't for Peyton Manning. Get ready for 40+ points yet again this week for the Broncos. 


Overall Record 16-15-2
Lock Alert Record 3-4

Moneyline Special Record 2-0



Friday, September 20, 2013 

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