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NFL Pick'Em: Week 2, 2014

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Panthers -2.5 vs Lions

AP3 - Panthers

Carolina pulled off a great road win despite not having their starting QB. Detroit looked impressive against a pitiful Giants team. With this line at less than 3 I love grabbing the home team with the strong defense over the team that celebrated like they won the Super Bowl by beating Eli Manning. It also helps to keep in mind that Detroit is on a short week.

Big Country - Lions


Not really sure about this one.  I know Cam is back, but the Lions offense looked pretty good on Monday.  When in doubt, take the points.


MLZ - Panthers

I am sticking with the Lions being terrible. Sure they looked good but that was against the lowly Giants. With Cam back and that defense firing on all cylinders they should be able to handle another monster game from Calvin Johnson and still win this one.

Bills PK vs Dolphins  


AP3 - Dolphins


I know the Bills beat the Bears, but the Bears totally looked past them. I can see Miami keeping up the intensity from a tough win against the Patriots and rolling over EJ Manuel

Big Country - Dolphins 


Dolphins:  Both of these team had huge upset wins last week.  The difference is the Dolphins looked like a legitimately good team, while the Bills just took advantage off a Bears team having a bad game.


MLZ - Bills 

This feels like the game that should play out as everyone knows; Buffalo battles but can't get much offense going and Miami ultimately pulls this one out. But that's not the NFL and that's not gambling. Buffalo is going to win this game and be alone atop the AFC East at 2-0. 

Redskins +6 vs  Jaguars


AP3 - Jaguars


What makes you think the Redskins deserve to be giving 6 points to anybody?

Big Country - Jaguars 

The Jaguars offense may be bad, but the defense isn't.  I think they can slow down RG3 and make this competitive.   And in other news, I have taken he Jaguars 2 weeks in a row, making me question all my life decisions.


MLZ - Jaguars 

I’m not taking the Redskins in any scenario until further notice and definitly not giving six points to anyone.



Titans -3.5 vs Cowboys 


AP3 - Cowboys 


I think the half point is going to be huge here. Take Dallas in a game that will most likely be the highest scoring of the week.

Big Country - Titans 

I think the half point is going to be huge here. Take Dallas in a game that will most likely be the highest scoring of the week.


MLZ - Cowboys 

The Titans may be undervalued for the majority of the 2014 season but nobody is undervalued more than the Cowboys in week 2. Tony Romo catches a lot of shit and a lot of it may be deserved but contrary to popular belief he doesn’t throw three interceptions a game and he doesn't throw three interceptions on play action in a season let alone in one week. The Cowboys win this one outright.


Giants +2 vs Cardinals 


AP3 - Cardinals


So I had this whole thing all typed out as to why I was taking the Giants, then I realized I was only taking the Giants +2. The line should be 3.5 before I consider touching it. Take the Cardinals.

Big Country - Cardinals 

I understand it's a West Coast team going cross country to play on the East Coast at 1 PM.  I don't care if the Cardinals are going cross country to play at 9 AM after a red eye commercial flight, they aren't going to have trouble with a dreadful Giants offense.



MLZ - Cardinals


Did you watch the Monday night games this past week? The Giants could be starting me you and a few elementary school kids on their offensive line and it would be just as effective. Add in the fact that the Cardinals blitz their asses off and it will make for one hell of a long day for Eli Manning.

Vikings +5.5 vs Patriots 


AP3 - Patriots 


Line should be 7 without Adrian Peterson around. Something smells fishy though for it to be only 5.5. Look for the announcers to reveal an unknown injury right before the game for Pats.



Big Country - Patriots  


I can't stand the Patriots, but I respect them.  I just can't see them starting the season 0-2.



MLZ - Patriots 


Tom Brady in a dome. Patriots don’t lose back to back games. No Peterson. 0-2 Patriots doesn’t sound right. Any more segmented sentences needed?



Browns +6.5 vs Saints


AP3 - Browns 


Upset Alert!

Calling it right now, New Orleans is the Houston/Atlanta of last year…. Pay no attention to the fact that I chose them to make it to the Super Bowl..



Big Country - Saints  


Saints:  The reason the Saints lost to the Falcons was they couldn't stop the Falcons offense.  Call me crazy, but I don't think they have the same problem versus Cleveland.



MLZ - Browns 


The Saints are a great offense, in a dome. Not so much outside in the elements. Sure it’s not like it’s going to snow or anything and the Saints are far better than the Steelers but I could see Hoyer start to gain some momentum before he gets replaced by Manziel because they continue to lose despite being competitive. Look for a back door cover out of the Browns at home to ruin the day of the 73% of people betting the Saints.



Bengals -5.5 vs Atlanta  


AP3 - Bengals


With Offenses being equal I’ll take the team with the much better defense.

Big Country - Falcons 

Upset Alert

The Bengals defense is good, and I think they can slow down the Falcons.  The problem is I don't think Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense have enough fire power to take advantage.  Falcons win this in a close one after an Andy Dalton turn over.

MLZ - Falcons 


I would recommend staying away from this game. While it may be the best early game on the slate it is not worth betting. I see the Bengals winning because of their defense but most likely by a late field goal.



Bucs -5.5 vs Rams 


AP3 - Bucs 


Lock Alert!

The Bucs got better as the game went along last week despite losing, the Rams got way worse.



Big Country - Bucs


I don't care if it's Shaun Hill, Austin Davies, Case Keenum, or AJ Peach, I don't trust any of them to put up much of a fight over an underrated Bucs defense.



MLZ - Rams


That is just too many points to lay on the Bucs regardless if they are playing a team that might as well just kneel on every offensive play.



Chargers +5.5 vs Seahawks 


AP3 - Seahawks 


I think I hate this pick the most out of all of mine. I can’t tell if San Diego is a contender, or a bottom 8 team. Seattle looked really really good at home against the Packers. Lay the points, but be wary of a backdoor cover.

Big Country - Seahawks  


Seahawks:  I said it last week and I still believe it.  Phil Rivers had a fluke year last year.  He isn't back.  I don't think the Seahawks have trouble with the Chargers defense, and run away with this one.



MLZ - Seahawks 

I like the Chargers but the Seahawks might be even better than they were last year. I don’t see them having any issues with this Chargers offense and I don’t see Russell Wilson having any issues with that Charger defense either.



Raiders +2.5 vs Texans 


AP3 - Raiders 


You can’t claim the Houston is back solely because they steamrolled an awful Redskins team. Reality check this week against Oakland.



Big Country - Texans 



Am I missing something?  Why is this a 3 point game?  I understand Clowney is out, but JJ Watt is going to have a field day against Oakland.  And it's still the Raiders.  Look for Houston to score early and often.



MLZ - Texans 


Lock Alert

The Raiders are really really really bad at football.



Packers -7.5 vs Jets  


AP3 - Jets 


Because for a while I was locked in to Green Bay as my survivor pick. A lot of lost fingernails this week when the Jets are hanging around in the 4th quarter.



Big Country - Packers  


I know Rodgers looked rough last week, but he could only throw to one side of the field thanks to Richard Sherman.  Sherman isn't on the Jets, and with the full field at his disposal look for Rodgers to pick apart the Jets.



MLZ - Packers 


Extra rest for a pissed off Aaron Rodgers means bad news for the Jets this week.



Broncos -11.5 vs Chiefs


AP3 - Broncos


Lock Alert!

Does anyone think Kansas City can come close to scoring 12 points?

Big Country - Broncos 

This spread is higher than I would like, but I'm not going against Manning at home.  Especially after the Chiefs just lost two defensive starters for the season.  The Broncos offense simply looked too good to start the season. 



MLZ - Broncos

Vegas is really trying to prevent getting killed in this game with an absurdly high week 2 spread, but they didn't make it nearly high enough. Don’t think for a second that Peyton didn’t realize that taking his foot off the gas nearly cost him last week. They are going to roll through this Chiefs team this week and they won’t look back at any point.



49ers -7 vs Bears


AP3 - 49ers  


The Bears are banged up and the 49ers are opening a new stadium. I’m sure a few legends will be in the house and the tempo will be set early.

Big Country - Bears 

The 49ers defense is not at 100%, despite how it looked against the Cowboys.  Let's face it, Romo played awful all game.  I think Cutler and the Bears offense is good enough to put up points.  I think this game comes down to whoever has the ball last.  Take the points.

MLZ - Bears  


I don’t feel like this spread is in any way fair for anyone other than me since I will be betting on the Bears. Right now the 49ers are skating by on reputation as well as Tony Romo handing them the game last week. I don’t think the 49ers are all that good this year, at least not yet. The Bears have something to prove on National Television this week and being a seven point dog is an insult and they should play accordingly.



Colts -3 vs Eagles


AP3 - Eagles


Here’s the lock of the year, UNDER 54.5. Why? Because everyone is saying there is going to be minimal defense and it’s in a dome and late scoring and blah blah blah. I’m taking the under and I won’t be sweating at all when it’s 24-24 at the half…

Big Country - Colts  


This should be a fun game to watch, since neither team is that good at defense.  I like the Colts more, simply because I don't believe in Nick Foles.  I think last year was a flukey season, and he doesn't keep up with Luck.


MLZ - Colts  

Lock Alert

Just do yourself a favor and bet the over.

Year to date:


9-7-1 Overall 

0-1 Upset Alert

0-1 Lock Alert

Big Country 

8-8-1 Overall

1-0 Upset Alert 

0-2-1 Lock Alert


5-11-1 Overall

0-1 Upset Alert

1-5-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, September 13, 2014 

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