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NFL Pick'Em: Week 2, 2013 

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Week 2 began with one hell of an ugly game polished off by a nice fight after the game. Brady through some hissy fits as his receivers continuously dropped passes. Thankfully, for the Patriots, they were playing the Jets at home and it began raining helping their defense to actually win a game for them. This Sunday we should be in for some much better games, like the Manning bowl and Seattle vs San Francisco. Those are some games to get giddy for. 


* Home teams in bold.


Philadelphia -7.5 over San Diego

Lock Alert!

This game is screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaming take the Chargers, that the line is too high, that Phil Rivers is back… No effing way. I love the Eagles. I’m really hoping it gets bet down to 7 so I don’t have to waste money buying the half point that I don’t need. Rivers went all PHILIP RIVERS, and did what he does best. He choked. Nevermind the fact that it’s a west coast team playing at 10:00 PST on a short week. This Eagles offense is good, and fast. The only thing that may slow it down (other than faking injuries) is Michael Vick. Either way I love “Shady” McCoy. He made the ‘skins look like a pee wee team. Lay the points.

Baltimore -7 over Cleveland

For one half, the Ravens looked like the team that won the Super Bowl last year. Then, Denver remembered how to pass. And it was game over. Sure John Harbaugh all but abandoned Ray Rice, and should have challenged that incomplete pass on 3rd down that Welker clearly did not catch. But hey, who needs wins in nobody believes in us games. As for this game, unless Trent Richardson can pass to himself, it won’t be close.  With the banner ceremony before the game, it’s just an extra kick to Cleveland’s nuts.

Houston -10 over Tennessee

Tennessee already had their road upset this season. Arian Foster is due for a bounce-back monster game.

Miami +3 over Indianapolis

Stay Away!

No idea what to make about either of these teams. When in doubt take the points right?

Buffalo +3 over Carolina

Two running quarterbacks with eh defenses. Both teams also came close to pulling off upsets at home against top 5 teams. I’m taking the home team and the points again in this one. I just think the Buffalo D-line shuts down the Carolina rush attack.

Atlanta -7 over St. Louis

Lock Alert!

St. Louis almost lost to Carson Palmer in St. Louis. Falcons Rise Up! Sorry, I hate myself for that last line. Just bet the Falcons and thank me later.

Redskins +8 over Green Bay

Upset Alert!

Two weeks in a row I pick against the team that I own? Someone should Pete Rose me. Anyway last year after the Packers got screwed by the refs in Seattle, they put their tail between their legs and nearly lost at Lambeau to a depleted Saints team coached by a High School Chemistry teacher. Not only am I predicting this, but I’m rooting for it. Mike McCarthy is a shitty head coach, but Aaron Rodgers is too good to let this team finish worse that 9-7 (maybe 10-6). This can contribute to McCarthy’s ass being sent packing. As for RG3, he got stronger as the game went on. Remember he didn’t play in the pre-season, so it was his first real test since the injury. PS: I used Redskins from them because god knows how long we will be able to before some group take it away. First the Bullets now this? What will they be called the Washington Fairys?

Kansas City -3 over Dallas

I don’t love this pick, because I think both of these teams make the playoffs this year. I just think that homefield advantage and a couple bad Tony Romo interceptions out-weigh 2 bad challenges by Andy Reid.

Chicago -6 over Minnesota

I’m all about the Bears now. More about this during my Weekly Bet Box for week 2.

New Orleans -3.5 over Tampa Bay

Lock Alert!

Granted the Saints usually struggle in Tampa, the Bucs just lost to the Jets. This line should be 7.

Arizona +2 over Detroit

Yes I am taking Carson Palmer and the points two weeks in a row… hey in my defense, it’s better than giving points with Jim Schwartz and the Lions two weeks in a row right?

Jacksonville +6 over Oakland

Upset Alert!

Just like the Jets got their only win of the season last week, the Jaguars will get their only win this week. Chad Henne is not a bad quarterback. Well, he’s not a bad backup quarterback. Well, he’s a better backup quarterback than Blaine Gabbert. And that’s good enough for me! Under no circumstances should Oakland be giving more than 3 points this season (this was the only game they should be giving any at all).

Denver -4.5 over New York Giants 

This has all the makings of Peyton Manning was able to solve what Tom Brady couldn’t with similar weapons written all over it. Peyton wins Manning Bowl 2, the ESPN world celebrates and anoints the Broncos the Super Bowl Champions as this is a “preview of coming attractions” (Super Bowl is played in New Jersey this year).

San Francisco +3 over Seattle 

I’m both happy and sad that we get this matchup in week 2. I wish these two played more than twice a season. They are clearly the class of the NFC and will most likely be in the final 8 teams left in the league come the end of the season. Colin Kaepernick looked great last week as a passer. Though there was pressure on him he was able to stand tough and make passes. Of course the Seahawks defense is better than Green Bay’s, but I think it comes down to Kaeps making plays and Russell Wilson making mistakes. Take the points.

Pittsburgh +7 over Cincinnati 

Unlike the Bears, I’m not changing my tune on the Steelers. Now I’m not sure if they win this game, but since Ben Roethlisberger won the first Super Bowl there, I can’t hardly remember the last time the Steelers were given 7 points. Discussed this with MLZ and he also brought up a good point. When was the last time the Steelers lost back to back games by two scores? Oh 2003 when Tommy Maddox was the QB? Sorry Bengals.

Overall Record 11-4-1
Lock Alert Record 1-0

Upset Special Record 1-0



Friday, September 13, 2013 


San Diego +7.5 over Philadelphia

That’s just way too many points to be handing out with a team filled with new faces and one that still has Michael Vick as their quarterback. I know everyone is sky high on this team, so be prepared to be let down this week.


Baltimore -7 over Cleveland


Ten days to prepare for Cleveland at home? Something tells me Weeden won’t gash them like Manning did.


Houston -10 over Tennessee


I have zero faith in the Texans offense carrying their weight this year but that defense is pretty solid. They should cover this by themselves.


Indianapolis -3 over Miami

I hate this pick either way so I’ll take the more proven, experienced team.


Carolina -3 over Buffalo

The offenses are rather similar but the Panthers defensive front seven is one of the best in the NFL. They should have no problem slowing a rookie quarterback and iffy run game.

St. Louis +7 over Atlanta

Atlanta could have one of those games where everything clicks, but with both Roddy White and Julio Jones being hurt, I don’t see it happening this week. The Rams defense is too good to get whooped by this Falcons team.

Green Bay -8 over Washington

Lock Alert

RG3 clearly wasn’t ready last week. He had absolutely no drive in his throws. He was jumping around on his throws like it was NFL Street. The Skins are on their way to a long season that may see another injury for Griffin. The Packers however showed me that they are still legit. They hung with the reigning NFC champs, in their building, and if not for an error by the referees they may have won. This has 42-6 written all over it.

Dallas +3 over Kansas City

This is a total toss up. They are probably equally talented but the Cowboys are getting the points and they have proven themselves. In other words they have beaten teams other than Jacksonville.


Chicago -6 over Minnesota


Lock Alert

By now everyone has heard the stat about how often the Lions had eight guys or more in the box last week against the Vikings. The Lions allowed the Vikings to score 24 points. Now imagine if the Bears, who have a much better front seven, and probably the best collective secondary in football, play a similar strategy. This could get ugly early.


New Orleans -3.5 over Tampa Bay

Lock Alert

This should be a lock of the century alert. How is this a real line? I know the Bucs typically play the Saints tough at home, but those were better Tampa teams. This version is headed for maybe four wins. The Saints on the other hand are Super Bowl contenders. If this game isn’t over in the first quarter I be forced to quit gambling for the year.


Arizona +2 over Detroit


As long as you aren’t on Bodog, you should be able to get the Cardinals moneyline. Bet that and thank me later.


Oakland -6 over Jacksonville

This is probably six points too high but call it a hunch. It’s an absolute stay away anyway. But the Raiders somehow will have the best two players on the field this weekend. If Justin Blackmon wasn’t suspended I probably wouldn’t be leaning this way but maybe Pryor isn’t that bad after all.


Denver -4.5 over New York Giants 

Lock Alert

The Giants have no running game, an iffy defense, and turnover problems. The Broncos have had ten days to prepare, the better Manning, more weapons, and a solid defense. This line could be Broncos -13 and I would still be taking Peyton.

Seattle -3 over San Francisco

I honestly can’t wait for this game. I kind of wish they played a little bit later in the season so they would be closer to the top of their respective games, but the two meetings between these teams this year are going to be like the Steelers/Ravens battles of the last few years. They are going to beat the piss out of each other. Seattle has more to prove with in this one and possess one of the few remaining true home field advantages. I think they squeak this one out against their division rivals.

Pittsburgh +7 over Cincinnati 

Lock Alert

The Steelers haven’t lost back to back games by double digits since Roethlisberger entered the NFL. That doesn’t bode too well for people with money on the Bengals. Maybe the Steelers aren’t all that good, but they can’t really be as bad as they were last week.


Overall Record 7-8-1
Lock Alert Record 1-1

Upset Special Record 1-0



Friday, September 13, 2013 

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