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NFL Pick'Em: Week 17, 2014

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Texans -9.5 vs Jaguars  

AP3 - Jaguars

Big Country - Texans 

I know double digits is a lot to give, but there is legit zero offensive threats of the Jaguars.  If Houston scores 21 they probably cover.


MLZ - The Texans want to make the playoffs far too much to let the Jaguars sneak up on them.  

Titans +7 vs Colts 


AP3 - Colts


Big Country - Colts 

The Colts crush bad teams  



MLZ - Colts 

The Colts might not play too many guys for too long but you know Luck is going to want to get his nose in there and get a little momentum behind them going into the playoffs. 


Ravens -13.5 vs Browns 


AP3 - Browns



Big Country - Browns 

Connor Shaw shows JUST enough to make the awful Browns QB situation even more murky for the incompetent front office 



MLZ - Browns 

WAY too many points. 


Patriots -5 vs Bills 


AP3 - Bills



Big Country - Bills 

I expect limited Gronk and lots of Jimmy.  The Bills defense is legit, and shouldn't have trouble with that. 



MLZ - Patriots

The Pats will rest some key guys, but you know Brady will be in there in the fourth quarter with a thirteen point lead. That is just how the Patriots do things. 



Dolphins -6 vs Jets


AP3 - Jets

Big Country - Jets 

They win this game for Rex 


MLZ - Jets 

The Jets will try for Rex hard enough to at least keep this game close. 



Vikings -6 vs Bears 


AP3 - Bears



Big Country - Bears 

Because I refuse to give points with the Vikings  



MLZ - Bears 

Wouldn't it be fitting for Jay Cutler to find his way back into the lineup and play well enough to get everyone thinking again?


Chiefs PK vs Chargers 


AP3 - Chiefs

Big Country - Chargers 

Because Chase Daniels sucks, and he is starting for a Chiefs team that doesn't have a decent WR.  

MLZ - Chargers

Phillip Rivers is not going to let this team lose against Chase Daniel with the playoffs on the line. 



Giants -2.5 vs Eagles 


AP3 - Giants


Big Country - Eagles 

I have OBD in my fantasy league, in the championship this week.  Meaning he is getting held without a catch, and the Eagles win a meaningless game. 



MLZ - Eagles 

If I told you six weeks ago that the Eagles would be geting 2.5 points in Week 17 you would have bet your house on it back the right? I'm not all that confident now. 


Redskins +4 vs Cowboys 


AP3 - Redskins


Big Country - Cowboys 

Dallas is still playing hard in attempt to get the best seed possible, where Washington just wants to go home. 



MLZ - Redskins

Like Cutler and the Bears, there is a chance we get a good enough RG3 for Skins fans to talk themselves back into the RG3 era. 



Bucs +4 vs Saints 


AP3 - Saints 


Big Country - Saints 

Because for some reason I still believe in Drew Brees 


MLZ - Saints 

The Bucs can clinch the first overall pick and the Saints are just looking to save some face. 



Packers -7.5 vs Lions 


AP3 - Lions 


Big Country - Packers 

The Lions are a bunch of frauds.  Green Bay is the best team in the NFL 


MLZ - Lions 

Too many points even though the Lions are a bunch of frauds... because so is Green Bay. 


Falcons -3 vs Panthers 


AP3 - Falcons 


Big Country - Falcons 

Atlanta goes 6-0 in the division by winning this game and then beating the Cardinals in the playoffs first round.  They do just enough for Mike Smith to keep his job so we can go through this shit again next year. 



MLZ - Panthers 

This might just be who I want to win because I think I would rather see the Panthers defense, which isn't all that good but can be at times, in the playoffs as opposed to the Falcons offense. 


Seahawks -12.5 vs Rams 


AP3 - Rams 



Big Country - Rams 

I just can't give that many points.  



MLZ - Seahawks 

This feels like one of those games where the Rams keep it respectably close but the Seahawks ultimately cover in what should be a revenge game for Seattle.  

49ers -6.5 vs Cardinals 


AP3 - Cardinals 



Big Country - 49ers 

Because Tebow would be the best QB on Arizona if they signed him today.  



MLZ - Cardinals 

I am offended by this line and the incredible lack of respect the Cards have gotten all season. I can't wait for them to beat the Falcons/Panthers 38-0 next week.  

Broncos -14 vs Raiders 


AP3 - Raiders 


Big Country - Raiders 

Peyton Manning has the worst arm in the NFL.  I'm including punters. 



MLZ - Raiders

The Raiders have been a bit frisky towards the end of the season. Carr is playing pretty well as the best rookie QB meanwhile the Broncos and noodle arm Manning are struggling. The Broncos will win by more than one score but they won't look pretty doing so. 


Steelers -3.5 vs Bengals  


AP3 - Bengals 



Big Country - Steelers 

Because Andy Dalton sucks in prime time. 



MLZ - Steelers 

The Steelers are playing well but I don't know if I am quite ready to consider them as a legit contender. Their defense is a bit iffy and can be tested and beaten, just probably not by Andy Dalton in primetime the week after he shook the primetime monkey off his back.  



Year to date:


117-113-5 Overall 

2-8 Upset Alert

3-12 Lock Alert

Big Country 

112-118-5 Overall

2-8 Upset Alert 

6-14-1 Lock Alert


118-112-5 Overall

3-5 Upset Alert

16-22-1 Lock Alert 

Sunday, December 28, 2014 

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