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NFL Pick'Em: Week 15, 2014

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Chiefs -10.5 vs Raiders 

AP3 - Chiefs

Big Country - Raiders

Charles is banged up, and the Raiders are going to keep it close enough to cover.



MLZ - Chiefs

The Chiefs need this game too badly to not beat the piss out of a crappy Raiders team that is feeling good about getting a big win last week. 

Ravens -14 vs Jaguars 


AP3 - Jaguars


Big Country - Jaguars 

14 is ALOT of points to give.  Can't do it. 



MLZ - Ravens

The Jaguars need to do whatever it takes to get Amari Cooper while the Ravens are still trying to win the AFC North. Baltimore has one glaring weakness and it's in their secondary. Luckily, Blake Bortles and that Jags offense isn't a threat to exploit that weakness. 

Falcons +2.5 vs Steelers 


AP3 - Falcons



Big Country - Falcons 

Dirty Birds control their own destiny.  The defense may suck but the offense is still legit. 



MLZ - Steelers

While the Falcons have the weapons in the passing game to score points, their defense can't stop a pop warner team. Look for Antonio Brown to eclipse 200 yards in a shootout win for the Steelers 


Colts -6.5 vs Texans 


AP3 - Texans

Big Country - Texans

The Colts have entered coasting mode.  They are going to allow Houston to keep it close enough for a backdoor cover 



MLZ - Colts

The Texans look like a good team but only when they play against bad teams. They should be able to run on the Colts but Andrew Luck is too good to let the Texans hang around. 


Browns -1 vs Bengals 


AP3 - Browns

Big Country - Browns 

Johnny Football baby!  Marvin Lewis has been do busy apologizing for his comments and reading up on midgets to game plan. 


MLZ - Browns

Lock Alert 

I am not a fan of Manziel, but I LOVE the Browns this week. Brian Hoyer has been so incompetant that putting in a rookie QB is going to rally the troops. Don't forget that the Browns are still in the playoff hunt, but they need to win this week to have any shot. 


Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins 


AP3 - Dolphins



Big Country - Patriots 

After what happened last week, I think the Pats look to send a message to Miami. 



MLZ - Patriots

Lock Alert 

Revenge game for the Patriots playing a warm weather team in the cold New England climate. 



Panthers -3 vs Bucs 


AP3 - Bucs

Big Country - Panthers 

Derek Anderson looked surprisingly good week 1.  I think the can do enough to get the win. 

MLZ - Panthers

Derek Anderson already proved he can beat the Bucs once this season and the Panthers defense is good enough to keep the rising Bucs offense in check. 



Giants -6.5 vs Redskins 


AP3 - Redskins



Big Country - Giants 

I don't care who is playing QB for Washington, they all suck. 


MLZ - Redskins

The Giants should't be favored by this many points over any team, let alone a division rival. 



Bills +4 vs Packers 


AP3 - Bills

Big Country - Packers 

Lock Alert 

I can't see how the Bills keep this within a TD.  The Packers are the best team in football, and have no problem running the score up. 



MLZ - Packers  

I am so torn on this game. I love that Bills defense but it feels like the Bills offense is only good enough to let that team lose by one score. Meanwhile everyone is in love with the Packers except for me. I just don't feel like the Packers are all that great. Sure since they lost at Detroit back in week 3 they are 9-1 and have averaged 36.9 points per game BUT they beat two NFC South teams, the Bears twice, the Vikings twice, and the Sanchise. I will give them some credit for winning in Miami by three and beating the Patriots at home although I will say that they only won by five and the Patriots played their worst game since week 4. Their lone loss if you remember was in New Orleans in a game in which they completely bowed out of. They waved the white flag in the second half. They are good but they aren't the Super Bowl favorites in my eyes or even the favorites in the NFC for that matter. 

All that said, 70% of the public is betting the Packers -4 in Buffalo. My gambling mind wants me to think this is a game that sneaks up on the Packers and is a lot closer than it should be. But the line is only -4. The BEST Kyle Orton game is only good enough to lose by a touchdown. While I don't think the Packers are a "great" team the Bills aren't good enough offensively to be any closer than they were in Denver last week. 


Lions -7.5 vs Vikings 


AP3 - Vikings



Big Country - Lions 

I don't think the Vikings have the firepower to keep up with the potent Lions offense 


MLZ - Vikings 

Upset Alert 

I just wrote an entire paragraph on how the Lions won't lose this game because it could put them out of the playoffs or one game out of the #1 seed. Not to forget the Lions have scored 34 points in back to back weeks and this is their third straight home game, so they should win this easily but isn't this exactly the game the Lions always lose? 



Titans +2.5 vs Jets 


AP3 - Jets



Big Country - Titans 

Both these teams suck.  I'm just going to take the points because we may have a 0-0 tie. 


MLZ - Jets 

Lock Alert 

Every Jets fan on the planet knows that they are going to go into Tennessee and blow the Titans out to make their draft pick worse. 


Chargers +4 vs Broncos 


AP3 - Broncos

Big Country - Broncos 



MLZ - Broncos

Maybe it's just me but I feel like Vegas might have a huge week and I hope they do because it will be good for me too. There are too many games that have that sneaky feel to them. I feel like there's just enough people thinking "this feels like the game where Phil Rivers goes all Phil Rivers" only to have the Broncos cover even if it's just slightly. 


Seahawks -9.5 vs 49ers 


AP3 - Seahawks



Big Country - Seahawks 

The Seahawks are back, and the second best team in the NFL 



MLZ - 49ers

They might suck but this is still a rivalry game and the 49ers should have the same feeling the Raiders last week in which they played like a team that got beat 52-0 the week prior. For the record this is the exact opposite of the sneaky games because nobody believes in the 49ers and everyone loves how the Seahawks are playing. I'm not saying the 49ers win but they won't lose by ten or more. 


Eagles -3 vs Cowboys 


AP3 - Cowboys



Big Country - Eagles 

I can't believe I'm giving points in a prime time game with Mark Sanchez.  



MLZ - Cowboys


The Cowboys will be winning this game. These NFC East teams always seem to split the season series. 


Bears +3 vs Saints 


AP3 - Saints



Big Country - Bears 

I think the team rallies behind Cutler this week. 



MLZ - Bears


Lock Alert  

What the hell is this line? The Saints are six points better than the Bears?! Mayonnaise?! Remember when the Saints were losing 41-3 with six minutes left at home against the Panthers? Oh right that was last week. Nobody likes this Bears team but how can you like this Saints team? How can the Saints be considered six points better than the Bears? While the Saints might win and cover, that's three free points and I'm going to take them. 


Year to date:


97-102-5 Overall 

2-8 Upset Alert

3-12 Lock Alert

Big Country 

96-103-5 Overall

2-8 Upset Alert 

6-13-1 Lock Alert


100-99-5 Overall

3-4 Upset Alert

14-20-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, December 13, 2014 

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