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NFL Pick'Em: Week 14, 2014

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Dolphins -3 vs Ravens 

AP3 -  Miami

Big Country - Miami



MLZ - Ravens

The Ravens may have blown their chances at making the playoffs last week with that loss to the Chargers, but I don't think they are ready to give up just yet. I think they win this game outright in a matchup of two teams that can't afford to lose again this season. 

Bengals -3 vs Steelers 


AP3 - Bengals


Big Country - Steelers



MLZ - Steelers

Remember when the Steelers were firing on all cyllinders? The AFC North has done more flip flopping than a hot blond at the beach. I have no idea if any of these teams are good and I have no idea if any of these teams will show up on any given Sunday. The Steelers seem to be more due for a good outing and need one more, so I am going to take the points. 

Browns +3.5 vs Colts 


AP3 - Browns



Big Country - Colts



MLZ - Colts

What part of the Browns do people like? They may be scrappy and I feel like I may be with the public in laying the points this week but I can't bring myself to take just 3.5 against Andrew Luck.  


Jaguars +6 vs Texans  


AP3 - Jaguars

Big Country - Texans



MLZ - Texans 

If the Jags had lost last week I would have taken the points without hesitation but they know they are playing for draft position at this point, there is no way they are competitive two weeks in a row, especially not with JJ Watt going against a rookie QB. 


Titans +1 vs Giants 


AP3 - Titans

Big Country - Giants


MLZ - Giants

The same basic thinking goes into this game as the previous one. The Giants are the better team and after last week's choke job they should bounce back and beat up a lousy Titans team. 


Saints -10 vs Panthers 


AP3 -   Panthers



Big Country - Panthers



MLZ - Panthers

I just can't bring myself to lay ten points with any team in the NFC South against team at any point this season. 



Redskins +3 vs Rams 


AP3 - Rams

Big Country - Rams

MLZ - Rams

The Rams are rolling right now, it's a shame that they started the season so poorly and that they aren't in the NFC South, but they are on a roll right now. This Rams defense is going to just create more questions about that Redskins quarterback position. 



Vikings -5.5 vs Jets 


AP3 - Jets



Big Country - Jets


MLZ - Vikings

The Vikings have emerged as a bit of a frisky bad team while the Jets are just flat out bad. 



Broncos -10 vs Bills 


AP3 - Broncos

Big Country - Bills



MLZ - Bills 

The Broncos seem to have found their mojo but the Bills have dreams of ending an incredibly long playoff drought. The Bills need this game too much that their defense will play well enough for them to not cover. 



Cardinals +1 vs Chiefs  


AP3 - Chiefs



Big Country - Cardinals


MLZ - Cardinals

No respect. 



Raiders +8 vs 49ers 


AP3 - Raiders



Big Country - 49ers


MLZ - Raiders

Upset Alert

The 49ers offense is a joke and everyone secretly knows it. Combine that with the fact that their coach is about to abandon ship and they just got smothered by their rival in Seattle and this game is just set up for the 49ers to quit on their coach and on their season. 


Eagles -1 vs Seahawks 


AP3 - Seahawks

Big Country - Seahawks



MLZ - Seahawks

If the Seahawks want to be considered as legit championship contenders they can't lose to Mark Sanchez. 


Chargers +3.5 vs Patriots 


AP3 - Chargers



Big Country - Patriots



MLZ - Chargers 

Everyone, including myself, wasn't aware that the Chargers were 8-4 until Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile everyone is writing off that Patriots loss as a game in which they lost to a "great" team in a hostile environment. I don't think Green Bay is that good and I don't think the Patriots can just count that as an "okay" loss. I think the Chargers need this game more and the Patriots are a bit too high in the publics eye. 

Packers -12.5 vs Falcons 

AP3 - Falcons


Big Country - Falcons

MLZ - Packers

Lock Alert

If you haven't already, make plans with your lady friend for dinner because this game won't be worth watching.  


Year to date:


91-93-5 Overall 

2-8 Upset Alert

3-12 Lock Alert

Big Country 

87-97-5 Overall

2-8 Upset Alert 

6-13-1 Lock Alert


88-96-5 Overall

1-4 Upset Alert

14-19-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, December 6, 2014 

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