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NFL Pick'Em: Week 14 

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As we head into the final quarter of the season every game means that much more. This week we get treated to at least a half dozen big games with a lot of teams seasons on the line. 

* Home teams in bold.


Washington +3 over Kansas City


The Chiefs really don’t have too much to play for at this point. One more win should lock them into the 5 seed for the playoffs. The Redskins don’t own a first round pick this season, so it doesn’t make much sense for them to lay down either. Take the points.


Minnesota +7 over Baltimore


I think the Ravens win this game, but the Vikings are playing some stupid football right now. Yes they are winning, but they should be doing everything in their power to increase their draft value. At least it’s fun to watch Adrian Peterson dominate despite 50 guys in the box on all plays.


New England -10.5 over Cleveland 


NY Jets -3 over Oakland


The Jets suck, but they play hard for their coach. They don’t quit, and that says something about Rex Ryan. He deserves better than this in New York.


Cincinnati -7 over Indianapolis


It seems like Vegas has also caught on to the fact that the Colts are semi-fraudulent, and the Bengals play sneaky-well against tough competition.


Detroit +3 over Philadelphia


In my opinion, this is the toughest game of the week to pick by far; Extra rest for the Lions, and a solid win for the Eagles last week against a top tier defense. I’m taking the points because I’m taking the best player between the two teams, Calvin Johnson.


Pittsburgh -3 over Miami

Like the Jets, the Steelers also play hard for Mike Tomlin. Though it seems like the playoffs are a long shot, they will still give it their all and try to spoil the Dolphins chances at sneaking in as a 6 seed.


Tampa Bay -3 over Buffalo

I’ll take the team with the better defense and home field advantage in the matchup of these rookie quarterbacks.


Atlanta +3 over Green Bay 

I wasn’t able to find a line on this one either, regardless if the Falcons are getting points this week, then I like them. Their defense may be atrocious, but they can still score. Too little too late. Neither of these coaches should have a job with their respective teams come Februrary.


Denver -13 over Tennessee

Lock Alert!

Because the Broncos can’t coast to the 1 seed and they need to win out to avoid a trip to Foxborough in January. Look for Peyton to set all kinds of records and blow out teams along the way.


Arizona -6 over St. Louis


Arizona Defense > St. Louis Defense. Arizona Offense > St. Louis Offense. + Homefield advantage. Taking the Cardinals.


N.Y. Giants +3.5 over San Diego

Lock Alert!

The extra ½ point sealed this one for me. If San Diego truly had a good home crowd, they would tear Eli Manning apart. Remember, he was drafted by the Chargers, but said he didn’t want to play there and threw a hissy fit. Unfortunately Charger fans are weak, so I’m taking the Giants and the points.


San Francisco -3 over Seattle


Something is up here right? Is somebody really hurt for the Seahawks? Or is it just the fact that the 49ers need the game and that Seattle doesn’t? Regardless, something feels wrong about this one. Seattle should be 6 or 7 point favorites, instead they are 3 point underdogs.


Carolina +3.5 over New Orleans


The biggest game in Cam Newton’s career to date. Get used to hearing that one a lot for the remainder of this season.


Dallas Pick ‘em over Chicago


The Bears can’t stop anyone. The Cowboys are winning, and winning ugly, which are traits of a team built to win in January.



Last Week 10-5-1 

Overall Record 86-102-7
Lock Alert Record 7-9

Moneyline Special Record 2-6


Saturday, December 7, 2013 




Kansas City -3 over Washington


While I probably should listen to AP3 on this one the Redskins are just flat out bad. The Chiefs will be playing vanilla football the rest of the regular season but even that is enough to beat the Skins. 



Minnesota +7 over Baltimore


Last week Adrian Peterson averaged 6.1 yards per carry with eight or more guys in the box. While the Vikings suck he is still playing like a grown ass man. Obviously the Ravens defense is better than the Bears but he is playing well enough by himself to cover this line. 



New England -10.5 over Cleveland


Last week the Patriots had their hangover game after battling back against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. This week they return home and should return to form against the lowly Browns. If Aqib Talib is healthy enough to play he will be one on one against Josh Gordon who has been a man amongst boys the last two weeks. However, with Talib on covering him the Browns might not score. 



NY Jets -3 over Oakland


I hate picking the Jets as of late. They are just so confusing and so inconsistant. But coming off of three straight losses against a west coast team playing on the east coast is enough to make me lay these points either way stay away from betting this game. 



Indianapolis +7 over Cincinnati 


The Colts have really struggled sine knocking off the Broncos in Week 7. While their record has them at 8-4 they could easily be sitting at 4-8. However the Bengals haven't exactly lit the world on fire either. They have only beaten two teams by more than one score, vs Cleveland and vs the Jets. This game will probably end up deciding the #3 and #4 seeds in the AFC so there is plenty on the line. The Bengals may be undefeated at home but this is too many points to lay against a team that never quits no matter how bad they have played as of late. 



Detroit +3 over Philadelphia


The Eagles are playing some great football but the Lions have extra time to prepare for a banged up Eagles secondary. If there is one thing the Lions do well it's throw the ball, Calvin Johnson could be in line for another monster performance. Despite there being a couple huge matchups this week this could end up being the best game of the week and probably the most difficult to handicap. 



Pittsburgh -3 over Miami

Lock Alert 

This is really a must win for both teams. Miami sits in a tie with Baltimore for the #6 seed in the AFC, while the Steelers remain one game back of those two. But that means that the Steelers season is on the line this week. Also the NFL coming down hard on Mike Tomlin may be exactly what the Steelers needed to get their team to come together and play as one. They need to go on a run to close out the year if they want to make the playoffs and it all starts this week. 



Tampa Bay -3 over Buffalo

What the hell happened to that god awful Bucs team we watched the first eight weeks of the season? Who would have thought they would turn it around? 



Green Bay -3 over Atlanta 

Is Houston the only team that wants the top pick? Teams like Atlanta keep screwing themselves. However this week they are not going to go into Lambeau and knock off a Packers team with extra time to prep for this shitty Falcons team. This may end up being the worst game of the week. Both teams are struggling and playing sloppy football and neither head coach deserves a head coaching job in the NFL. 



Tennessee +13 over Denver 


I am only taking the points because it might be a bit difficult for the Broncos to get up for this game after last weeks great win. There might be a bit of comfort settling in even though the Patriots are breathing down their neck for the #1 seed. The Broncos will without a doubt win this game but I think it might be closer than the 70% of people betting the Broncos expect. 



Arizona -6 over St. Louis


The Cardinals are playing as well as some people, includng myself, thought the Rams would play like this season. While the Rams have somehow been better since the loss of Sam Bradford, the Cards have a great defense and an underrated home field advantage. With that secondary they can load the box and dare the Rams to throw at Patrick Peterson or the Honeybadger. Good luck with that. 



San Diego -3.5 over NY Giants 

The Chargers are still only one game back of the #6 seed. Unfortunately for the Chargers they are behind the eightball in nearly every tiebreaker meaning they have to start winning. Their season is on the line this week and the Giants are flying to the west coast and still are far from even a decent football team. Look for a nice four interception game from Eli as the Chargers kick off a final playoff push. 



Seattle +3 over San Francisco 

Moneyline Special +125

Is this a bad joke? Sure Seattle has clinched the NFC West and has a 2.5 game lead over the Saints and Panthers for the #1 seed in the NFC. Obviously SF needs this game more but this is a rivalry game. Seattle is going to come out looking for blood. They don't want to see the 49ers a third time this season and you know they would love to deliver the knockout punch. 

PS. Yes the Seahawks have played the 3rd easiest schedule this season, but look at how well Russell Wilson has played and please could someone explain to me why he isn't being mentioned more in the MVP race... His home and away splits... at home Russ is 99/145 for 1,358 yards with 12 touchdowns and 4 interceptions for a QB Rating of 114.1. On the road Russ is 99/160 for 1,314 yards with 10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions for a QB Rating of 103.5. There is no fradulent smell coming off the Seahawks. They are the real deal as is Russell Wilson. 

PSS. Seattle is not that far from San Francisco. Look for the Seahawks faithful to travel for this one. 



Carolina +3.5 over New Orleans


AP3 is dead on with this one. You are going to hear "this is the biggest game in Cam Newton's life" a lot more. We have already heard it twice before this week and we will hear it at least twice more before their season is over. Regardless I think the Saints bounce back and win this one at home. They are a completely different team at home and should win a close game this week, but look for the Panthers to get revenge in two weeks. By the way, usually teams get three points for being the home team. But in this scenario it feels as though they gave the Saints an extra half point for being at home because these teams have to be considered even at the very least. 



Dallas Pick ‘em over Chicago


The Cowboys need to keep winning to keep pace with the Eagles. Something tells me that all Cowboys fans are dreading that week 17 matchup with the Eagles that will likely determine which of the two make the playoffs. They would really like to avoid a meaningful matchup in that game and therefore need to keep winning and hope to get some help. This week they are going to win another ugly game simply because the Bears defense is abysmal. The Cowboys are far better at home but Tony Romo should have a monster game in a battle that could be really high scoring. 


Last Week 5-10-1

Overall Record 92-96-7
Lock Alert Record 11-15

Moneyline Special Record 5-8




Saturday, December 7, 2013 

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