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NFL Pick'Em: Week 11, 2014

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Browns -3.5 vs Texans 

AP3 - Browns 

Lock Alert

So Vegas says that the Browns are only .5 points better than a backup running back and a QB making his first career start? Something seems askew here.

Big Country - Browns

No Foster and Mallet making his debut?  Let's pull the bandwagon over I'm ready to get off now.


MLZ - Texans

I had the Browns explanation all typed out but just go back and think about what's actually askew with AP3's reasoning... trap game.  

Bears -2.5 vs Vikings


AP3 - Bears 

No real reason for this pick. Minnesota starts a bunch of backups and everyone on Chicago hates each other. I’ll take the talent here. 


Big Country - Bears



MLZ - Bears

I know I'm an idiot for taking the fucking Bears again but how many weeks in a row can Marshall and Jeffrey not just put the team on their shoulders?

Packers -5.5 vs Eagles 


AP3 - Packers 

Lock Alert

Mark Sanchez on the road.  



Big Country - Packers

The Packers are playing the best football of all the teams in the league right now.  I'm riding them until they let me down.  



MLZ - Eagles

I think this needs to be a big LeSean McCoy week for the Eagles. The Packers defense can be gashed and with Mark Sanchez entering Lambeau, they will need McCoy to really get them settled in. I don't know if either of these teams are actually good but the Eagles defense/special teams has been able to make plays and I think that is enough to help them to cover. 


Chiefs -1 vs Seahawks  


AP3 - Seahawks 

Last time the Seahawks were underdogs was the Super Bowl. I’ll take the defending champs. 

Big Country - Seahawks 

Look for a second half push from Seattle.  With Carson out for the year they got a shot to win the West again. 



MLZ - Seahawks

What a good football game this is going to be. This is easily the best game before the SNF game and I expect a defensive battle that has the Arrowhead faithful fired up but I forsee Russell Wilson pulling this game out in the end. 


Panthers +1 vs Falcons 


AP3 - Panthers 

Lock Alert

Why is Atlanta giving points on the road to a division opponent not named Tampa Bay? 

Big Country - Falcons

Cam Newton is hurt, the defense is playing like shit, and Marr Ryan and the Falcons offense is starting to get rolling.  Take the Dirty Birds 


MLZ - Panthers

The NFC South is an absolute mystery so when one of them is favored on the road against another one of them... you take the home dog every single time. 

Saints -7 vs Bengals


AP3 - Bengals 

Upset Alert!

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green don’t have to worry about weather in the Superdome. I see some outrageous numbers. 



Big Country - Saints 

In the Dome I can see a huge day from Drew Brees.  I've been saying all season the Red Rifle sucks, and he's been proving it as of late  



MLZ - Bengals

The Saints should win this game. But I'm still not convinced they are any good. That being said the Bengals seem to have had their wheels fall off completely during that Patriots game and they just can't find a tire changer. But I think these teams are at more of an equal suck rating and I can't possibly lay a touchdown with the Saints even if they are at home, the Bengals defense can still play well enough to keep it close. 



Redskins -7.5 vs Bucs


AP3 - Bucs

Because Josh McCown legitimately gives a shit, and I don’t think anyone on the Redskins does. 

Big Country - Redskins  

I don't care who is playing QB for TB, they suck. 

MLZ - Redskins

Fuck you, Vegas. 



Rams +9.5 vs Broncos 


AP3 - Broncos 

Peyton Manning in a Dome against Sam Bradford Austin Davis Shaun Hill. 



Big Country - Broncos

Peyton Manning loves playing shitty teams in the regular season.  Lives for it 


MLZ - Broncos 

The Rams certainly have what it takes to cover this game but let's be honest, who is taking the Rams +9.5? 



Giants +4 vs 49ers 


AP3 - Giants 

Lock Alert

West Coast team playing back to back 1 PM eastern games. I think the 49ers look past the Giants here and they make them pay. 

Big Country - Giants 

These aren't the same 49ers we've seen the last couple of years.  I like Eli to pick apart a banged up SF defense.  Yes you read that right.  Excuse me while I go throw up. 

MLZ - 49ers 

Lock Alert 

The Giants suck and while the 49ers aren't their old selves, they are still far more than four points better than the Giants. 



Chargers -10 vs Raiders


AP3 - Raiders 

Lock AlertThis has Chargers coming out flat against a pesky divisional opponent written all over it. Don’t be surprised if Derek Carr has a chance to tie or win this game in the 4th quarter. 



Big Country - Raiders

I don't think the Raiders can win straight up, but Carr is slowly improving.  I think they keep it close 


MLZ - Chargers

I don't like this pick by any stretch of the imagination but the Chargers need to come out of their bye week with a big/confidence boosting win against the lowly Raiders. 



Cardinals PK vs Lions  


AP3 - Lions 

The Cardinals are a nice story, unfortunately Drew Stanton is a shitty quarterback. 



Big Country - Lions


WIthout Carson Palmer I don't believe in this team.  I know Stanton was winning when Palmer was out earlier this season, but that had to be a fluke, right?   


MLZ - Cardinals

Lock Alert 

Carson Palmer had come around to being competant the past two years, but is he really worth three full points? The Cards find ways to win games and their secondary can combat the only offensive weapons the Lions have to offer, especially with Reggie Bush out. 


Colts -3 vs Patriots 


AP3 - Colts 

Indy’s defense is extremely overrated, and Andrew Luck is being extremely underrated. The kid is a 5 toolplayer with the hunger of never really winning the big one. The Patriots are also due to be kicked down anotch after having everyone anoint them as the team to beat. 

Big Country - Patriots 

Wait, Brady is getting points in prime time.  Yes please!! 



MLZ - Patriots

This game just feels like the typical, everyone is really high on the Patriots and everyone in the area expects to win once again but is overlooking the fact that the Colts are good and it's not easy to beat Andrew Luck on the road. While I do feel like the Patriots are the better team, I think the Colts win this one but I don't think it can possibly be by any more than three.  

Titans +6 vs Steelers  

AP3 - Titans 

I took the Steelers in my knockout pool. I am one of 51 people left in my knockout pool. Last year Pittsburgh was my week 1 pick and lost to Tennessee. Tennessee is just out there to ruin people’s dreams. 

Big Country - Steelers 

If the Steelers play the Titans on MNF and nobody watches, did they really play? 

MLZ - Steelers 

This line feels a bit inflated due to the run the Steelers had been on heading into last week and the fact that the Titans looked like they were arguably the worst team in the league. Yet I still have to take the Steelers because I can't possibly find any confidence in the Titans on the road, even with a six point head start. 

Year to date:


73-69-5 Overall 

1-6 Upset Alert

3-8 Lock Alert

Big Country 

72-70-5 Overall

1-7 Upset Alert 

6-9-1 Lock Alert


70-72-5 Overall

0-4 Upset Alert

9-18-1 Lock Alert 

Sunday, November 16, 2014 

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