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NFL Pick'Em: Week 10, 2013

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What a tough week to handicap. Last night we saw a bad Vikings team overcome a 13 point halftime defecit against a bad Redskins team. Sunday could bring out more fireworks with several good/entertaining games on the slate. If you are struggling to make your picks this week, take a look at our picks, we are expecting a big week. 

* Home teams in bold.


Tennessee -12 over Jacksonville

Lock Alert!

I understand that they are coming off of the Bye, but the Jaguars are still a shit team. They just lost their best offensive weapon to rehab. However, what sealed the deal for me was when mlz told me that’s he’s not going to take him in our eliminator pool this week. Easy money here.


Green Bay -1 over Philadelphia


I understand the Aaron Rodgers is hurt. I understand that Mike McCarthy is a bad coach. I understand that the Green Bay defense is weak. I understand that this Philly offense is fast. But I also understand that this is Lambeau field in November. I’m taking the Packers.


Pittsburgh -3 over Buffalo


I’m not sure how ready E.J. Manuel is going to be after recovering from an ugly injury. It also looked like the Steelers offense was starting to find a groove against the Patriots last week. Lay the points.


Giants -7.5 over Oakland


The Giants are coming off a Bye, the Raiders are coming off of a bad loss at home against Nick Foles. The Giants are crawling back into the NFC East picture, and the Raiders should be jockeying for draft pick position. Giants roll.


Indianapolis -9.5 over St. Louis


This Colts offense packs a powerful punch. They also play better as a team at home. Kellen Clemens doesn’t stand a chance.


Atlanta +5 over Seattle


Upset Alert!!

Is it me or have the Seahawks been underachieving all season? Sure they put a whooping on the 49ers early in the season, but they have been mediocre ever since. The Falcons also have a good home crowd and should be getting Roddy White back. Factor in that it’s going to be 10 AM PST when the game starts. Give me the points.


Cincinnati -1.5 over Baltimore


Extra few days to prepare will help the Bengals defeat a very, very bad Ravens team on the road. The AFC North is the worst division in football right?


Detroit pick’em over Chicago


Jay Cutler comes in and makes a huge difference for the Bears? Think again. An extra week to prepare for Detroit, and a short week for Chicago. I like the Lions.


San Francisco -6 over Carolina


Extra time for the 49ers, and Carolina not beating a good team this year means an asswhoopin in the making.


Arizona -2 over Houston

Lock Alert!

Someone please explain to me why this line is only 2 points? Arian Foster isn’t going to play. Arizona is at home with an extra week to prepare. This line makes zero sense.


Denver -7 over San Diego


Jack Del Rio can’t really fuck this up right?


Dallas +7 over New Orleans


Remember folks, Dallas only gets blown out by teams that they should beat, not teams that should blow them out. Tony Romo should keep this game very close before throwing a late interception leading to a game winning field goal for the Saints.


Miami -3 over Tampa Bay


Not even the douche that is Richie Incognito can help the Bucs cover at home.



Last Week 4-8-1 

Overall Record 58-72-4
Lock Alert Record 6-6-1

Moneyline Special Record 2-5



Friday, November 8, 2013 




Tennessee -12 over Jacksonville

This may become a trend this week, but I have no faith in the Titans. The Jags are awful but would it really shock you if they came off their bye and beat this Titans team? I'm laying the points solely because the Jags lost arguably their only playmaker in Justin Blackmon, and if you were on the Jags you would probably do a lot of drugs too. 


Philadelphia +1 over Green Bay 


What do we make of these teams now? I'm taking the Eagles because I didn't believe in this Packers team with Aaron Rodgers 100% healthy. Now without him I'll take the team with more firepower. Without ARo the Eagles possess the three best offensive weapons in this game. I hate it, but I'm taking Chip Kelly's squad. 


Pittsburgh -3 over Buffalo


The Bills have a defense that can keep them in games, but the Steelers defense got embarassed once again by Tom Brady last week, they will be pissed off and playing like they need to make up for it. EJ Manuel doesn't stand a chance in this game. Their only hope of covering is if the Bills defense can keep the game tight for 60 minutes. 



Oakland +7.5 over Giants 


A 2-6 team is favored by 7.5 points over a 3-5 team? Yes the Raiders are flying east but after being embarassed last week they should snap back. Taking the Raiders this week means you are getting three or four free points, thanks to the Giants being a public team. 



St. Louis +9.5 over Indianapolis 


Coming off an emotional win is never easy. The Colts rallied late to win in Houston last week and now face a team that has found a running game. The Rams have run the ball exceptionally well the last few weeks and this Colts team is ranked 27th against the run this year. So when you combine a probable slow start for the Colts matched with a run game that can move the sticks and keep Andrew Luck off the field, you have a game that should end up being tight resulting in a close Colts win. 



Seattle -5 over Atlanta 


I like AP3's reasoning for this one and it most certainly could happen, but I'm taking the better team and the team whose offense hasn't been totally gutted by injuries. Sure their offensive line is struggling but how are the Falcons going to score points without Julio Jones and a healthy Roddy White against the best pass defense in the game? 



Cincinnati -1.5 over Baltimore


The Ravens can be hit or miss but don't be fooled, they are a bad team. It wouldn't shock me to see them win this one or even cover while losing, but if they played this game 100 times the Bengals would cover this line at least 51 times, so that's the play. I just wouldn't bet on this game. 


Detroit pick’em over Chicago


I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with this game. I have flip flopped a dozen times. Neither of these teams seem to enjoy winning, espeically Detroit. However, an extra week for Megatron to rest up feels like a bigger advantage than Jay Cutler coming back early from an injury. 



San Francisco -6 over Carolina


Carolina has beaten up on a lot of bad teams this year. Now they are in the spotlight in their first big test and I can't see anything but an asswhooping coming their way. 


Arizona -2 over Houston

Lock Alert 

This line doesn't make much sense to me either. How are the Texans less Arian Foster and with Ben Tate playing with four broken ribs, one point better than the Cardinals? Yes, Carson Palmer, I know. But without the help of a running game the Texans are going to have to rely on a young quarterback throwing into a secondary with Patrick Peterson and the Honeybadger. And after having their season effectively ended last week with a heartbreaking loss to the Colts, this feels like a lock. 



San Diego +7 over Denver 


The Chargers should be able to score points this week and don't forget how bad Jack Del Rio was as a head coach in Jacksonville. 



Dallas +7 over New Orleans


Romo and the Cowboys always seem to play to the level of their competition. This has shootout written all over it, but the Saints at home are going to be tough to actually knock off. Expect a fun close game that could have people hating on Tony Romo on yet another Monday morning. 



Miami -3 over Tampa Bay


The Bucs are awful and the Dolphins are taking on a "us against the world" mentality. If they can't cover this spread you can completely write them off for this season. 




Last Week 5-7-1 

Overall Record 65-65-4
Lock Alert Record 10-15

Moneyline Special Record 5-5




Friday, November 8, 2013 

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