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NFL Pick'Em: Super Bowl XLIX

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Patriots -1 vs Seahawks   

AP3 - Patriots 

I hate it. The defending champs are getting points in the biggest game of the year. A bullshit “scandal” surrounds the Patriots. It feels as though there are 3 Seahawks fans for every 1 Patriots fan. The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since I started dating my current fiancé. (you bet your ass I told her next weekend’s wedding is dependent upon the outcome of the game). All of the bad memories from the last time the Patriots played in this stadium. Russell Wilson being the “new Tom Brady.” Pete Carroll winning this game and all of a sudden being considered one of the great all time coaches and possibly getting into the Hall of Fame. The Patriots defense secretly not being that good and their offensive line not being able to block for Brady. Kam Chancellor taking out Rob Gronkowski’s knee 45 seconds into the game. The fact that I literally had no bets on this game, futures or otherwise until about 12 hours ago. Why do I think the Patriots will win? Because it’s going to be Vince Wilfork’s last game. Part of me thinks it’s going to be Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s last game too. This is it. This is the last time this Patriots regime, dynasty, whatever you wanna call it, is going to be in the Super Bowl. I’m thinking this team comes out pissed off. But the main reason I think this team wins is Alan Branch. If you missed it here’s what happened to him this week. He may only get out there for a few snaps, but when he does he’s going to rip someone’s head off, because you don’t fuck with a man’s dogs. Go Pats.

Big Country - Seahawks


I decided during the regular season that whoever came out of the NFC was my Super Bowl pick. The AFC is just not as good. Got to stick with my gut. 



MLZ - Patriots 

I picked the Patriots over the Seahawks in this game before the season started and I am sticking with it. The Seahawks have the better defense but the Patriots have the more balanced team. Would you rather have the Seahawks secondary against the Patriots passing attack or the Patriots secondary against the Seahawks passing attack? That's an easy question. The only way the Patriots lose is if they fail to tackle Marshawn Lynch. It seems simple on paper, just tackle Lynch and you win the Super Bowl, but ask all the teams that played them before this week... it's not that easy and the Patriots don't have a great run defense. But what they do have is a man named Vince Wilfork who is one of three Patriots players remaining from the 2007 team (Brady and Gostkowski) and one of two remaining from 2004 (Brady). Let's just say there are three guys on the team with the most to prove in the biggest game of the year to try and shake the last two Super Bowls they were a part of. This could be the final game Wilfork ever plays in the NFL if you think we are about to see anything short of one last great Vince Wilfork game you are going to be in a world of hurt later on tonight. 


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Big Country 

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Sunday, February 1, 2015 

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